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Thursday 24 January 2013

What's your daily ritual when you first log in for the day?

Earlier today Kaitz posted asking "What's your daily ritual when you first log in for the day?" as a mini community event. Here is her answer and I have to say that my daily ritual starts off in a similar way...
  1. Log Bankingbob (banker alt) and check mail. Put up any new/expired auctions. Check for any bargains on the AH. Store any materials for keeping in the guild vault.
  2. Log my maggie and do the pet battle dailies in Winterspring (Stone Cold Trixxy) and Deadwind Pass (Lydia Accoste) for the Sack of Pet Supplies.
  3. Log my hunter and...
    • Harvest my crops, re-plant and do the Tillers dailies.
    • Fly south and do the Anglers dailies.
    • If I feel like it I'll do the Klaxxi dailies but recently I've either been forgetting them or skipping them.
  4. After doing the above I can then do whatever I feel like.


  1. I totally forgot about my farm! /facepalm - Thanks for taking the time to post this :D

    1. Oh no! The farm is the one thing I try my best to get done every day :)