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Friday 18 January 2013

A Long Overdue Stable Clearance

One of the things that first attracted me to playing a hunter was their ability to have and control pets. These pets (used to) have different pre-defined qualities (spec) that made them favourable for certain situations. For example, ferocity pets are for dealing damage. This has now been re-worked so that you can change your pets spec and therefore it's qualities.

Whilst hunters abilities and those of their pets have been worked on since I started playing (Feb 2012) one thing hasn't changed - the number of stable slots available. Hunter's can carry five pets with them and store up to twenty in the stable. Now, this is quite a few slots but if you're a bit of a hoarder like me it really isn't.

The three main pets I use.
I haven't tamed any new pets in Pandaria as a result of having no room for them. Despite his a number have caught my eye for example, Stompy (Petopia, Wowhead). Plus, more and more tameable pets are being uncovered in the Patch 5.2 PTR, from Direhorns and Devilsaurs to new spirit beasts.

So I've decided a stable clearance is in order. Whilst I'm not brave enough to just go and abandon them right now I will be black-listing some pets that will be the first to go as and when necessary. Below I'm going to share with you my collection of pets - their names (only those that I have regularly used are named), who they are (model, rare name etc.), any random info.
Pets I carry on me:

GaryUhk'locGary is my tanking pet. I named him after Gary Gannon (the presenter of Gamebreaker TV's Legendary)
KittyWinna's KittenKitty has been my main cat pet since I tamed her.
SusanSolixUsed for PvP. Caught on my epic taming day (see below)
CyrilCore HoundNot used as often now as I changed from BM to SV spec.


Spirit Beasts
Cat (purple)  Gondria I collected these as and when I found them using NpcScan / Silver Dragon. I got Ban'thalos on my epic taming day (see below).
Wolf  Karoma
Cat (blue)  Magria
Owl  Ban'thalos

Three pets that I don't use but would still like to keep.
Others - generally the pets below are on my black-list. I don't use them and it wouldn't bother me to get rid of the majority.

Chimaera Chillwind Chimaera I got this pet as I wanted to try out a chimaera and have only used it the once.
Ralf Dragonmaw Lashtail Nothing special, just a raptor.
Raptor Takk the Leaper Takk the leaper. Taming this guy was a pain as he was leaping all over the place. Safe for now.
Scorpid Black Two versions of Madexx - black and green (I think). As I'd like to get all the different versions of Madexx these are currently safe.
Scorpid Green
Spider Anthriss Caught on my epic taming day. Safe for now.
Wolfgang White Random white wolf.
MurielMoth Young Moth The pet my hunter started with. Safe for now.
Cat White Striped  
Scorpius Clack the Reaver I quite like this scorpid. Safe for now.
Razza Green Think this is the Ravasaur Matriarch.
CrankyCroc Mahamba  
Toxictusks Dreadtusk Love this guy! Safe for now.
Rusty Ironjaw  
Dog Blue Blue runed demon dog.
Lancelot  Sian-Rotam Lancelot was my first cat pet. I replaced him with Kitty as my GM used/uses the same model. Safe for now.

Producing this spreadsheet of the pets I have has really helped me to identify which pets I want to keep and which I'm not too bothered about. It also reminded me about my epic taming day in which I tamed Ban'thalos, Solix and Anthriss witihn 30minutes. I died a number of times and had to repair twice but I got them all in the end.


  1. I honestly thought the stables were much bigger than that! Should definately increase that, with the new rare tameable pets that are coming with the new patch aswell :/

    1. It is a bit of a pain! I'm hoping that they will increase the number of stable slots. Atleast I now know theres a few pets that I can happily 'abandon'

  2. I wish the stable was unlimited! Then you could collect all the cool hunter pets!

    1. It would be amazing if they did! I'd settle for 5-10 more slots but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting.