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Wednesday 2 January 2013

My Furtive Father Winter Gift!

Ok, so I've been a bit dense! I've been checking my email looking for my gift and thought that I hadn't received it. However, I had! You know how some people can't be trusted with technology well I'm a bit like that. I thought I'd set my email so that nothing went into spam but how wrong I was.

So, my gift was from Eric "Xsinthis" Dekker of The Golden Crusade... Who's blog I not only happen to follow but I have also commented on the awesome FFW gift he got. Eric, all I can say is thank you and apologies for not finding it sooner!!!

Here it is...

Winter Veil is here and with it comes several pets for you to collect! The holiday season is also filled with gift giving spirit, and what better gift to give than an adorable World of Warcraft pet to your favourite WoW player (even if your favourite WoW player is you!).

Stolen Present

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot.
The daily quest “You’re a Mean One” gives you a chance of unwrapping one of three companions along with a variety of other fun toys to get you in the holiday spirit. These presents can yield two actual companions, the Lump of Coal and the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot (a recolour of the 2007 gift Clockwork Rocket Bot). If you’re unlucky and don’t get the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot you can also purchase it from Jeppeto in Dalaran’s The Wonderworks or toy sellers in Orgrimmar and Stormwind for 50 gold.

Gaily Wrapped Present

Lumpy from the Lump of Coal.
No holiday would be complete without opening presents under the Christmas tree. Every year Greatfather Winter leaves presents under the tree for all the good Dwarves and Orcs in Ironforge and Orgrimmar starting December 25th. Make sure to log in on every character before the event ends and open your presents, including the Gaily Wrapped Present which will get you one of four pets

Green Helper Box

Red Helper Box

Jingling Bell

Snowman Kit

The best news is, these pets no longer require a snowball to summon, though they tend to disappear quickly outside of Winter Veil. These pets can also be used in pet battles so collect them all and throw together a festive pet battling team!

Other Gift Ideas

None of these pets doing it for you? Luckily World of Warcraft has a large array of pets you can give and receive this holiday season.

Winterspring Cub This cute little guy can be bought from Michelle De Rum in Everlook, Winterspring for 50g

Fox Kit Remember Tol Barad? This pet was originally a low drop rate from foxes on Tol Barad but was added to the Quartermasters for each faction. You can either purchase this for 200 commendations at Exalted or try your luck with the low drop rate on the island.

White Kitten. The white kitten is sold exclusively by Lil Timmy who wanders around Stormwind City. Lil Timmy spawns a few times a day and each time he spawns he has one of these kittens to sell. If you’re unlucky or a Horde player the item that teaches this pet can be placed on either auction house, so check your auction house and the neutral auction house if you don’t have the patience to get this pet.

Hyacinth Macaw. This beautiful bird is a rare drop from mobs in Stranglethorn Vale but can also be bought on the auction house. Be prepared to drop some gold for this pet though, it’s rare and in high demand.

Guardian Cub. This cute fellow will happily fly around and follow you on your adventures. You can buy this pet on the Blizzard pet store or can be bought in game on the alliance auction house were players are frequently trying to sell this pet for gold.

Cinder Kitten. This list wouldn’t be complete without this most recent addition to the pet store. Already this pet has captured the hearts of players everywhere, even more so because when you purchase this pet before the new year all proceeds will go to help the victims of hurricane Sandy through American Red Cross.

This post was brought to you by Blog Azeroth’s Furtive Father Winter.
And if that awesome guide wasn't enough meet my new Cinder Kitten! I've named him 'Xsinthis' in honour of Eric and this awesome gift. Eric said in his email to me that he hopes this little guy will help me towards achieveing That's a Lot of Pet Food and I can confirm that it's bumped me up to 372. Once again, thank you!

The amusing thing is that, having no idea what I had received approx. 2 weeks ago, I gave a similar gift to my recipient. My recipient was Kaliy from The Casual Everythinger. I decided to make Kaliy a lit of seasonal (i.e. wintery) pets. You can see what I sent her here.
Finally, I'd like to thank Akabeko (of Red Cow Rise) for organising this event.



  1. LOL Jojo you nut! Glad you found it :D And that is awesome, pets and everything! Nice work Xsinthis! :D

    1. I too am very glad that I found it! Such a great gift & very apt. Fortunately my FFW has been very understanding about me temporarily loosing my gift :-)