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Tuesday 22 January 2013


Since I reached level 90 I've been working on my rep with The Tillers and unlocking the farm etc. Finally my hard work has paid of and I've reached exhalted status but it's not over yet. I've still only got 12/16 seed beds unlocked and am still working on lots of friendships, rewards etc.

Whilst I've been working on the daily's etc. I've been taking screenshots as I think the Valley of the Four Winds is a great zone with some lovely scenery etc. Plus I've found some very quirky places on my travels.






Awesome Storm 1.
Awesome Storm 2.

My farm currently.
Awesome goat mounts!!!


  1. Nice screenshots! I love the haybales and the storms the most.

    1. Thanks. The storm was really cool, I was just hovering above Halfhill watching it.