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Monday 21 January 2013

Wondrous Warlock!

Last night I re-discovered my warlock and what a wondrous time I had! I created my warlock a long time ago. She's a dwarf and I made her in-part to resemble me and as such spent a lot of time working on her appearance etc. Sadly, once I got her out into the world I found I didn't much enjoy playing her. I banished her away to the bottom of my character list where she remained until last night. I don't know exactly when said banishing happened but I know it was before the changes to warlocks occurred.

I felt like doing something different last night and felt it was about time Boltzy got a second chance. She's demonology spec and transforming into a demon is soooo much fun! However, I can't be sure how long this hooneymoon period will last. I won't rant too much more about how much fun I had and will instead present some screenshots that I took.

Top-left: My warlock normally. Bottom-left: half transformed. Main: fully transformed.

I love the green-purple look when transformed and using drain life.

Where the Unknown Soldier can be found.

At Raven Hill.


  1. Red haired Dwarves definitely make the best locks, although I might be slightly biased.

    It's always great when you rediscover love for a character abandoned by the wayside.

    1. Well I totally agree. It suits them! Yeah it really is - a few months ago I would never have thought I'd enjoy playing her the second time around.