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Thursday 22 August 2013

200th Blog

Yep, you guessed it - this is my 200th blog!

Back in March I posted my 100th blog, just 5 months after starting my blog. Here we are in August, 5 months after my 100th blog and 10 months into the blog as a whole. Which means we're very close to my 1st blogiversary. And also that writing about 100 posts in 5 monts is average for me, or so it seems. In my 100th blog I did a sort of mini review of things so far and I've decided to do that again plus a few little extra things here and there.

One major game change for me is raiding. In April I took part in my first LFR and much to my surprise found it wasn't the horrendous tortuous experience I had expected! I have since tried to do on LFR a week. Initally I was working through the various raids going up a tier (I think they're tiers) each week. More recently, I have been doing the Terrace of Endless Springs more often than anything else as I really like it! Plus I'd quite like the gun (Taoren, the Soul Burner) from Lei Shi - who I should point out I love.
Note: I got the gun during tonights LFR night :)

I have also taken part in some fun raiding with member of the WoW blogging and twitter community. This includes a Naked Raid of Molten Core and Friday Fun-Runs. These have not only got me talking to new members of the community but they're a great laugh, help me to experience older content and get some achievs done.

This lead nicely on to talking about the community. In my 100th post I spoke about the awesome people I had met so far and I can safely say I have continued to meet more and more brilliant people. Events such as the Friday Fun Runs are excellent ways to meet new people.

My birthday is in May and I decided to host a mini in-game party which was really cool. I had some sweet treats and drinks ready for everyone along with some party gifts (i.e. pets). We had a chat and played hide & seek which worked a lot better than I initally anticipated.

I've also received a number of gifts in the form of pets! Yayy! These were given to me for my birthday, as random gifts and as prizes for winning competitions. Big thanks to everyone who's given me them.

I've also started taking part in WoW Insider's Community Blog Topics. I think these are a really good way of getting into blogging if you're new to it. They're also thought provoking and great ways to find new blogs by browsing the numerous responses. So a massive thanks to WoW Insider for hosting this.

Finally, what I think has been the biggest (& possibly the best) change in my Azerothian life since the 100th post. At the end of July I wrote a post which was quite a difficult one at the time but looking back I am so glad I not only wrote it but published it. It was regarding my guild at the time which was essentially leaderless. I got some excellent advice from people and the end result was that me and some friends formed our own guild which I revealed in early August. I have since written an SWPD update post.

Your requests

I tweeted asking for idea's on what to cover in this special post and if there was anything people would like me to address or questions to answer...

Getting started with & my driving force for blogging - I guess you have to want to blog. I mean really want to. It's all good keeping a diary which is private but a blog is different. Whilst it's personal in much the same way it's not private and it hinges on you wanting people to read it (or atleast accepting that people will read it). Similarly, you should be interested in reading other blogs and commenting etc.
There's no hard and fast rules with blogging & lets face it - rules are meant to be broken! The amount you blog and what you blog about is really up to you - I don't think it's necessary to stick to a niche area (i.e. transmog) but I wouldn't mix subject matter (i.e. WoW with fashion). But it really is personal choice.
My driving force is that I'm a talker. You know, that person that when you get them talking about soemthing they love, they just won't shut up! Blogging has proved to be avaluable way for me to write down my thoughts (unclogging my brain) and to stop boring people who don't know what WoW even stands for with my incessant talking. Not to mention the fact that I found I really enjoy it.

My favourite cake/pie? - I'm a lover of cake. We have a lot of cakes at work. I especially like lemon drizzle, coffee & walnut and you plain sponge (but no jam, just buttercream). I don't really eat sweet pies, we don't seem to do that in England much.

My thoughts on a third faction - I love the idea. I definately think there's scope within the game to add new factions. With each expansion we have new groups to gain reputation with so why not add completely new factions. Or make an existing group into a new faction. I do however think it would be one of those game changing moves that I'm not sure we can expect to see any time soon. (I think I may make this into a blog post of its own).

Tricky Nicky - Well there's this guy, Tricky Nicky, who I met on Twitter and am now BTag friends with. Well he's... all manner of things including chatty and funny!


  1. Woooo! Grats on 200! /raises champagne glass "Here's to 200 more!"

  2. Gratz! Well done on 200 posts and almost a year! :D

    1. Thanks! I'm excited about my blogiversary and planning how to celebrate :D

  3. Congratulations again on your 200th post!

    I agree with you whole heartedly about reading and posting on other blogs before going headlong into it. Yours was one of the first blogs I read that wasn't just transmogrification related, but had stories and adventures far beyond. Which lead to reading another blog, and another, and another...

    Your site has enriched my World of Warcraft experience, and expanded my interests when I get those rare moments of playtime on Azeroth.

    Thank you so very much! :p

    1. Aww thanks :D

      Reading other peoples blog's takes up a fair chunk of my free time - because I like to read so many and because I'm a slow reader. I hated reading when I was younger hence I'm not the best at it. But then I discovered a few WoW related blogs and reading them became something I enjoyed :)

      I think one of the wonderful things with blogs is that there is one relating to pretty much everything. In terms of WoW blogs I never thought I'd be interested in reading about other peoples raiding experiences or even get into transmog. But all it takes is one blog to grab your attention and then it's a whole new interest!

  4. 200 posts is great :) Grats and so exciting your blogiversary is coming up. I love reading wow blogs especially ones that talk about wow, sharing adventures and stories of what the writers gets up to in their wow time and yours is right up there on my daily to-read list :)Cant wait to read the next 200 :)

    1. Thanks! I have some ideas for my blogiversary but it's deciding which one is the perfect one that's tricky. We write about much the same things but it always seems like someone else's adventures are more exciting then your own! Especially when they're doing something you didn't know about :)

  5. Congratulations on 200 posts! Here's to the next 200 and the 200 after that.

    My office likes cake too, it's so bad. Had to try two different lots of doughnuts today :(

    1. Thanks!
      We quite often have both jam & custard doughnuts - and it would rude not to try both!