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Sunday 11 August 2013

#WoWscreenshotaday Day 11

Day 11: I love doing this...

I love being the only person fishing from a pool whilst
nearby there's a bunch of people fighting over a single pool!! 

Fishing alone. 

Fighting for a pool.
There's one thing that I could sit and do in-game for hours on end - fishing! I know for a lot of people it's a secondary profession they'd rather not think about let alone do. I have it maxed on my hunter and am leveling it on a number of other alts. It's just so happened that today is Sunday, when the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza takes place. I try to take part in it each week and today I took these few screenshots whilst I was there.


  1. I always found that comp stressful. I was so glad to win it one week.

    1. See I find fishing relaxing but I do get that the tournaments can be stressful! I've won it several times now, I just keep going back :)

  2. I found the fishing comps so stressful, I avoided them. I purposely went out at those times so I didn't have to feel bad about playing WoW and not competing. I won the Northrend one after accidentally coming home early and being summoned by a friend. Any time before that whenever I attempted it, it was over so fast! I'd be so panicy! It was something I never expected to achieve.

    I have very little love for fishing. Anything RNG and fishing related hates me. There are so many people who love it though!

    1. I know a lot of people have no interest in competing but to avoid WoW completely - that's extreme! I never won the Northrend one, I took part a couple of times but found it was more hardcore than Stranglethorns!!
      I think that people either love or hate fishing, it's just one of those things.

  3. I completely forgot about the fishing tourny today!
    It's one of the fishing achieves I still need for salty. Gonna have to post-it and put it on my comp.

    3 peeps in one pool and you all to urself...nice!

    1. It was the last thing I needed for Salty so I got into the habit of doing it weekly and didn't stop once I'd won it. It's really weird how people tend to cluster around pools - I can only assume it's people that haven't got the 'find fish' ability.