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Monday 19 August 2013

SWPD Update

Just under two weeks ago I posted that me and a few WoW friends had decided to go our seperate ways from our then guild. In the 11 days since that post Stormwind Police Dept has made some real progress and so I thought I'd update you on whats been going on.

Initially we started with the five founder members which quickly progressed to six. The sixth person was a real bonus to the ranks for a number of reasons; he has two legendary weapons, he's a great guild/team player and he happens to be a real-life friend of mine from undergrad.

Since the first few days, when we became a core of six, our membership has continued to expand. Whilst I'm really happy we've gained members they have all been from the previous guild and we're yet to recruit any fresh blood. I hope with time and constant guild advertisements we'll get there, one day.

It has, however, raised some thoughts and questions regarding the formation of a new guild that I hadn't previously considered.

Essentially I have poached a large amount of the player base from my old guild. Whilst I can 100% say this was not my intention it's nonetheless panned out this way. The membership of Asylum was not the problem and I therefore have no issues with these people joining SWPD. But I am aware that when the absent GM returns (which he still keeps saying he will but never does) he will no doubt think I've hosted some sort of coup - which I inadvertently have. But I think the point to be drawn from this is that it's not the perks that were keeping people in the guild and it was in fact the social element which started to fizzle out after the intial few of us started leaving.

Leading on from this I am amazed at the level of team work people have displayed in SWPD. The old guild wasn't dead but it wasn't exactly the social hub I wanted it to be. One of the things I really wanted SWPD to be was a social guild where people asked if others wanted to join them in doing a dungeon or scenario. Since coming over to SWPD a few people have shown a lot more of this team-player side and have been taking part in completing the guild challenges.

Guild Level & Perks
Obviously we started at Level 1 and have now progressed all the way to Level 7. In doing so we have unlocked some handy perks such as Mr. Popularity and Cash Flow, Rank 1 & are approaching Hasty Hearth.

As I mentioned above we have really been working as a team to level the guild and everyone seems to be on-board with completing the challenges. This week we have completed all of the dungeon challenges and have done around half of the scenarios (so far). By completing these challenges we not only do stuff together but earn valuable guild xp and gold!!

Thought I'd just highlight some notable guild achievements that we've unlocked.

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros & Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
You Have Been Challenged
Working Better as a Team

We've also made some progress with Guild Classic Dungeonmaster which I'm in the process of writing a guide for.