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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Community Blog Topic: Should all classes get a fourth spec?

This weeks Community Blog Topic is Should all classes get a fourth spec?

Currently in-game there's 11 classes, with each class having 3 specs except druids which have 4. Therefore there's 34 total specialisations to pick from when leveling a character. However, if you were to utilise the Dual Talent Specialization ability you wouldn't need to play 34 characters. Rather, 2 of every class, totalling 22, meaning two full realms!

I'd going to make a stab in the dark and say that very few players will have played every available spec in-game (all 34). Not to mention playing each spec for long enough to get a real handle on their unique abilities, the pro's and con's, and most importantly whether they suit your play style or not.

I see class specialisations as being quite an important part of the game. It gives characters (and their players) a little more identity than just being a DK or a mage. It gives them that little something extra that makes them a tank or ranged damage dealer. Therefore I think the addition of new specs would be game changing.

Now, in the case of druids I wasn't playing when feral & guardian druids were one thing or when they were split apart. I have only played with druids having four specs and I can't quite imagine what it was like when they were one. I do, however think Blizzard made the right decision in splitting them from one-another. Firstly, from what I gather it made things easier for feral and guardian druids alike. Secondly, from the point of other classes - why should druids be allowed to play such a diverse role?

I don't think it's necessary to create a fourth spec for the other 10 classes. In fact I think it would be a pretty big mistake to introduce them. There's a number of reasons why I think this:
  • To my knowledge, there are no other specs in the game that incorporate two aspects that would benefit from being entirely seperate. I could be wrong in saying that as I haven't played every class let alone every spec but that's the feeling I have.
  • As it stands, with the ability to duel spec, each character is able to learn 2 out of the 3 specs available to them which is >50%, or in the case of druids 2 out of 4 =50%. I think this works well - each character only misses out on 1 spec (2 for druids) and I think that people are willing to sacrifice not playing a single spec. I feel that if there were 4 specs and every class could play 50% of the specs available people would feel it more inclined to roll two of every class.
    • Yeah, there are players who play multiples of a single class but with the 11 characters per realm restiction if you wanted to have one of every class on a realm you'd have two full realms.
    • Yes, there are players who play across multiple servers. But I think 22 characters is a lot! I guess what I'm getting at is that it benefits players with more time to play. Now time is always beneficial whether it simply means you get mroe dailies done or more LFRs but with something that I feel is as game changing as class specs are I think this would be really unfair!
  • I'm a hater of nostalgia and all associated moaning and complaints about the path the game has taken. But, I can see old school players really hating the addition of a fourth spec and for once I wouldn't consider them as complaining just for the hell of it!!
Overall. I really don't feel there's a need to add a fourth spec to every class in-game. If it makes more sense, like it did with druids, then sure but simply adding them "enhance the current classes" would not be wise in my opinion. I'd much rather they introduced new classes or even better - worked on new character models!

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