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Monday 5 August 2013

Community Blog Topic: Which faction's story would you like to see more of?

I'm a little late writing about this weeks Community Blog Topic - it's been a bit of a crazy week  and I really had to think about this one. I didn't partake in last weeks question about favourite faction leaders as my lore knowledge is pretty pants. Answering this weeks question Which faction's story would you like to see more of? has also proved a little tricky and required some serious thinking.

Robin talks about the Worgens storyline and for me they are a race that I'd like to see more of. I have completed the Worgen starting area, Gilneas, once and I really enjoyed it. I felt it was very story driven but once I'd completed it that was it. I haven't had a chance to complete the Silverpine Forest quests which are Horde only anyway. So I'd love to see more Gilnean / Worgen story open to both factions!

Another race that I don't really feel I know a great deal about is the Draenei. I loved the starting area and I get the whole they came from space and crash landed etc. But I want to know more about their homeworld, their way of life etc. Did they live in trees or in floating homes like I imagine them to? I guess this would be an great expansion storyline *fingers crossed*.

Perhaps as I'm not much of a reader and not a fountain of Azerothian knowledge I'm missing something! But for me, regardless on what story exists, I'd love to see more about these two races!

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