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Sunday 11 August 2013

Friday Fun-Run

Friday just gone saw another Friday Fun-Run!! This week we did three little instances rather than a single larger one and as always it was a laugh.

First off we went to the Eye of Eternity and defeated Malygos which got me the following achievements:

     You Don't Have an Eternity
     A Poke in the Eye
     The Spellweaver's Downfall

I loved the end of the Eye of Eternity and how pretty it looks!

We then headed to Black Temple where I got a pretty funky crossbow - Legionkiller.

Illidan Stormrage
Finally we headed to Hyjal Summit. Previously I had been to this part of the Caverns of Time - but a long time ago so it was nice to go back there. Something weird also happened to me as I was entering the portal! Initially I thought the portal had spat me back out and I was rather confussed until I spotted some gold wings and realised a priest had Leap of Faith'd me!!! (you know who you are).

Also, Chromeeh filmed out exploits again this week and the video can be seen here.


  1. I did EoE 10 man the other day, and I was really blown away by how gorgeous it is! I still hate the fight as much as I did back in Wrath, though :P

    Congrats on your achievements and loot!

    1. It really is gorgeous! I think it's quite possibly one of my favourite after-battle scenes in-game! & thanks :)