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Friday 30 August 2013

#WoWscreenshotaday Day 30

Day 30: Cluttered

I know a few others had the same idea for this theme but I think that my bags say a lot about me. I'm a hoarder - in both reality and the virtual world. This is after I sold a load of stuff from my hunters bag. The left bit is her bank and the right her bag.

I was going to show you my personal guild bank but that would be even worse!! The worst part is that pretty much all of my chars have similar situations - bags of useful crap!

In addition to my bags and bank being cluttered I think my action bars are also in a bit of a state. There's abilities on them that I never use. To be fair, theres abilities that I don't even know exist and when people talka bout them it literally goes over my head. A prime example is Disengage - I rarely if ever use it but people rave about it being an essential hunter ability... so it sits there... waiting to be used... some day...


  1. My Druids bags are exactly the same! :P I like that you're using Bagnon(or other 1bag addon :D)

    1. I love Bagnon - it makes it that little bit easier to find things :D

  2. This could have been a pic of my bag/bank. :)

    One thing I use Disengage for almost every day is the Weeds on the farm. I summon the virmen and the birds, then I grab a weed that needs to be untangled, and Disengage, and problem is solved. xD

    1. Ah I knew about using Blink on a mage to de-weed but hadnt really made the connection between that and using Disengage! Well, thats one reason to keep it on my actions bars :) ta!!