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Thursday 8 August 2013

The Big Reveal

Last week I posted that my guild was having some issues and that the GM had essentially gone AWOL. I had a fair few responses, both on here as comments and on twitter. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to put in their 2-pence worth - I really appreciated the fresh, outside opinions on the matter. A lot of people suggested the idea of myself and the more active players forming our own guild. This thought had crossed our minds already but I guess we were a little apprehensive and hoping the guild would pick up.

A day or so after my 'Leaderless' post the GM logged in, all be it remotely, and he actually spoke. I initially thought 'shit he's read my post' and that he was online to kick my ass about what I'd said. But no. He asked how things were and I said we were coping fine despite him vanishing. He replied with something rather blasé about not realising he'd vanished. To me this was him saying that he feels his irregular logging in and lack of interest is completely fine. It also made it clear to me that there is no reason for his absence other than he can't be bothered.

As of today he hasn't logged in for 5 days. The last time he did log in he promoted someone to the rank of officer. One of our officers game time is going to be significantly decreasing (due to work) and so he has stood down and requested that the new officer take over. Which is fine by me - we need active officers. But rather than explaining any of this the GM simply logged in (no doubt in the dead of night), promoted the new officer and didn't inform anyone - not even said person!!

Anyhow, you don't want to read about my guild troubles - though it does set the scene...

You may have seen me recently tweeting about Operation 'Stormwind Police Department' and yesterday for my #WoWscreenshotaday I posted this pic of my monkin her shiney new guild tabard!

I designed the tabard thinking the logo was a really
badass looking baby gryphon... apparently it's an owl!
Generally I hang around in Azeroth with the three or four more active people in my guild. With all the recent (lack of) activity two have moved their mains out of the guild to actually raid! Which has kinda left me, their alts and a few other semi-active people.

Since there was little reason for me to stay put in a dying guild I made a decision. On Monday night I removed my monk from the guild and set about forming a new guild. Like I said earlier we had discussed the idea of forming our own guild and even possible names. A couple of Sundays ago whilst taking part on the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganzer I saw a Goblin from a guild called 'Orgrimmar Police Department' or something like that and I loved the name. Which is what inspired the new guilds name. Unfortunately the name 'Stormwind Police Department' was too long so we've had to go with 'Stormwind Police Dept' (SWPD for short) but I'm happy with it nonetheless

Tuesday evening I was two signature off of completing the charter so I asked in trade if anyone was able to sign it. A lovely guy, who had four active accounts, responderd offering to sign up to four times! Not only did he provide me with the last two signatures but he flew me to the Human starting area to meet his specially created alts and back to Stormwind. So a massive thank you to him(/her).

SWPD currently has 12 characters from 5 accounts. The five of us founders (I view us all as founders even if only 3 of us signed the charter) have mostly brought in low level alts. I have left my 3 level 90s in the main guild just in case it picks up (note: I know I'm kidding myself a little but I'll give it a week or so). Though, I am thinking about moving my DK over so that we can run some scenarios and level the guild.

I'm really excited (and I think the others are too) about a completely fresh new start! As a guild we currently have 10 achievement points. We have guild levels to rise through, perks to unlock and achievements to complete. I feel motivated to do guild stuff for the first time in ages!

Last night I actually put us into the 'guild finder' tool. I have no idea if anyone will actually see us amongst the sea of guilds or want to join us but I hope someone will. It will be a great opportunity to make new Azerothian friends. As for actually advertising the guild in trade, I'll have to talk to the others but I do think it will be a likely move in the neat future.


  1. Good Luck and I love your choice of tabard.

  2. You definitely made the right call creating your own guild. It sounds like it's already had a positive effect on your play time! Good luck in your new adventures!


    1. Thanks Neri! Yeah, I'm actually feeling motivated to do stuff which is amazing :D