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Tuesday 27 November 2012

1 Month of Blogging & My 3rd Level 85!

So today (well technically yesterday now) marked a month of me blogging. As this was my first blog I wasn't sure how well I'd take to it or if I'd even manage more than a couple of posts. So far I've really enjoyed it and will be sticking around - for a bit longer atleast.

I think the IntPiPoMo event has helped me to continue posting as it's given me a daily target of a post including ~5 screenshots. It has also introduced me to geotagging and I now have my own WyriMap. Even though I have now completed my IntPiPoMo 2012 challenge I am going to continue to take screenshots and posting them.

Twilight Highlands.
Overall today has been a success for me both in-game and in real life. My focus on leveling my mage has paid off and I've managed to get her to level 85 and achieve both Professional Illustrious Grand Master and Working Around the Clock. She is now ready for Pandaria which is a brilliant achievement considering her age!

However, this does now complicate future leveling matters. Having only two level 85's (up until now) made decisions easy - my hunter took priority over me DK. But now, after playing my mage quite a bit recently, I'm half tempted to continue leveling her. Plus she has been long overdue a play and the last few weeks have been really enjoyable for me.

Also... since getting my second lot of the MoP free 10-day trial, I moved both my hunter and DK back to their respective farms to continue growing fruit and veg. My DK was fortunate enough to get an Ominous Seed which will eventually grow into a Terrible Turnip. Having already purchased the turnip off of the AH I don't really need the seed but atleast I can say I've done it the proper way and grown the turnip. Also, I should hopefully make some money back.

Down at my farm.

Ready to leave Stormwind for Pandaria...


  1. Hooray! Grats on making it to a month and well done so far! I've been enjoying your IntPiPoMo shots and I'm looking forward to seeing more :)