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Friday 23 November 2012

IntPiPoMo #6: Goblin Starting Area

Today I have been leveling a goblin rogue to help my boyfriend complete Turkey Lurkey. I have previously leveled a goblin rogue but on a different server. I really enjoyed the goblin starting area - Kezan and the Lost Isles and the second time around was just as good!

I've taken a lot of screenshots on my travels as I'm not sure how likely I am to return there - it certainly won't be any time soon. My main priority at the minute is leveling my mage to 85 (she is now level 80). Oh, and I've got MoP on order now (as it was cheap on Amazon) so when that arrives early to mid-next week I will be delving into Pandaria!!!

After much deliberation I've picked out ten of my screenshots...

Riding in my hot rod!

Queue at the bank...
Pool Party!

Setting the house (well HQ) on fire!



New home.

Naga land.

Cool oil rig.

Thrall the Warchief.

Setting sail for Orgrimmar.
IntPiPoMo Screenshots: 35/50

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