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Monday 26 November 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 #9: Uldum

Here we are, at my last installment of IntPiPoMo 2012! I've really enjoyed it and it's inspired me to keep taking and posting screenshots - especially now I have my own WyriMaps map complete with geotagged images (link). Again, I'd like to thank Angelya at Revive & Rejuvenate for organising this event.

Yet again I've been leveling my mage - just for a change. I've been through Uldum and have now entered the Twilight Highlands. Personally I think Uldum is a brilliant zone. I enjoy the quests and its Egypt-esque feel. I've attempted to take a variety of pictures from the zone, encompassing water features, sand, plants and of course pyramids...

Vir'naal Oasis mini-waterfalls.

Vir'naal Dam looking over the Vir'naal River to Ramkahen.

Obelisk of the Sun.

Neferset City.

Looking across the Vir'naal River Delta towards the Lost City of the Tol'vir.
IntPiPoMo Screenshots: 50/50

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