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Monday 12 November 2012

Blog Azeroth: Thanksgiving Event 2012

I joined Blog Azeroth a few days after starting up this blog. I joined to meet some fellow bloggers and specifically to get involved in community events. And here it is, my first shared topic blog.

This shared topic is the month-long Thanksgiving Event 2012 and there's still time to write your own blog if you haven't already! For my thanksgiving post I am going to thank those who have helped me along my way through Azeroth.

I guess I should start off by thanking my boyfriend. If he hadn't let me occasionally play on his account then I don't think I would have ever played the game. Stupid considering that WoW is 'so up my street' that real life friends who are familiar with the game / play it often find it hard to imagine that it took me so long to get introduced to the game.

Secondly, I would like to thank my [boyfriends] guild mates who welcomed me with open arms - specifically the GM. I must admit it was a bit weird at first. I knew tidbits about each of the guild but I was some-what of a mystery to them. Initially a number of the guild member (mostly males) seemed to feel the need to tone down their language and behaviour (note: the guild is a mature guild made up of over 18s only) but this didn't last long! Nonetheless, we all get on very well and I am now part of the guild for who I am and not who I know.

I really can't thank the GM enough. His main is a hunter and he has given me invaluable hints, tips, advice etc for my own hunter. Not only this but he has helped me on a variety of things - from questing right the way through to making gear for me.

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Aside from my guild mates I'd like to thank the general WoW community for making me feel welcome - even as a novice! Yes, I've met a few idiots who haven't appreciated my noobish comments and ways but the majority have been kind, helpful and I've made some great friends.

My thanks also extend to my new sub-community of WoW friends - bloggers. Again, I've been made to feel very welcome. I would like to thank the authors of the blogs I've enjoyed reading so far and those of you who have visited my blog, left comments etc. Last but not least, I'd like to thank Blog Azeroth for running these community events and Amerence (of Amerence Love WoW) for running this event. It's only been a short journey together so far and I hope it continues for many blogs to come.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Heya Jojo,
    Thanks for the mention, I am glad you could join this year's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012. It's nice to see and read new bloggers and are willing to share there ideas and thoughts all around. I am honored to be doing this event not only that it will recognize your blog but you as a blogger and a gamer. It helps us getting to know you more. Thanking is just one of those great events where you can express how grateful you are of becoming who you are to this day. Not only from just playing the game but in real life as well, like you mentioned your boyfriend and your real life friends in the guild. Anyway, Thanks again for joining. I followed your blog as well. Keep up the good work! <3

    1. Hey! and thanks. Yeah I think the Blog Azeroth shared topics are a brilliant idea. Plus this event really got me thinking about the people that have made my short time playing WoW so brilliant. I'm really looking forward to the next shared topic :)

  2. Very nice post and welcome to the Blog Azeroth community. :)

  3. Welcome to the Blog Azeroth community and glad you joined in this shared topic :) Look forward to seeing more posts!