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Sunday 11 November 2012

The Virtual Me

It's been a few days since my last post and I've mostly been busy and played a little SWTOR. Hopefully, I'll be back playing WoW by the end of this week and can get back into the game and writing some more relevant blogs.

For today I thought I'd follow on from my first blog and talk about my in-game characters as I haven't really introduced them. Personally I have a number of characters (alliance & horde) of varying levels spread across several servers. Despite this I mostly play my alliance characters on Dragonblight-EU. I have 7 characters (including a monk that I made during my MoP trial) all within the same guild and a banker within my own guild. I won't be talking about my banker as he (yes, he's male) is purely in existence for storage and AH purposes.

The ramaining seven (all female) are a variety of races, classes and levels - with only two being level 85. I won't go into too much detail about specific characters of mine but will happly answer more detailed questions if people do want to know more.
My mage is smaller that a Clefthoof runt!
  • My hunter is my main in the sense that I level her first and she has farily decent gear. Just as a side note I'm not very good at gearing my characters primarily because I doesn't interest me (in-part because I don't raid etc) and secondly because I lack the patience to farm dungeons/raids etc for gear and with rather being doing something else.
  • Aside from my hunter, my second level 85 is my death knight - not surprising as she obvioulsy started at level 55. My DK took a lot of getting used to due to the melee factor but I really enjoy playing her as shes quite powerful despite her fairly poor gear.
  • Then we have my original character. In-part named after myself is my gnome mage Jojopanda (level 73). You might wonder why she isn't level 85 as she was my first character. Well before I had my account I used to play occassionally on my boyfriends account and thats when she was 'born'. When I got my own account I re-created her exactly the same (even down to the earrings) but chose to level something different. Her name does cause a bit of confussion now due to the pandaren race and when I re-made her changing her name was some thing I did consider but opted against.
The remining 4 characters are all below level 50 and are generally not played that often.
  • My druid (level 42) is moonkin spec but druid's are a versatil class and she still has some pretty good heals and bear-form can be quite handy too.
  • When MoP went live I really wanted a pandaren and so made my shaman (level 41). She's a red panda and I love the way her tail jiggles around. Similarly to my druid, I like how shaman have some pretty good healing abilities - even when in a damage spec. This one is duel-spec primarily as elemental but secondly as a healer (restoration).
  • My warlock (level 22) has not been played for a long time! She's a dwarf and I made her to look as similar to me (in real-life) as possible.
  • And finally... my monk (level 15). She was created during my MoP trial and hence didn't get very far. More details on her spec etc. can be found here.
Thanks for reading :)

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