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Sunday 18 November 2012

Happy Return!

On Thursday I had the final part of my masters course, my viva voce - an oral exam. Thankfully it went well and the questions about my thesis were fairly simple compared to the more complex ones I had prepared for.

Last night (Saturday) as a little reward the boyf bought me some game time, wooo! So, finally after several weeks of not playing I am back in the game - which should help me to blog more.

The first thing I did was log my banker and check out the auction house. After a quick browse I found that the Terrible Turnip had dropped down to just under 500G. Just 5 days before (last Monday) my boyf had purchased one for around 900G. I decided to buy one, primarily for their weakening blow ability which is ideal for collecting other low level pets. I know that they can be farmed via the ominous seed but as I no longer have access to MoP content this isn't an option for me. In fact, later in the evening a guildie was lucky enough to farm one up.

Following this purchase I logged over to my hunter and headed straight for Felwood in search of Minfernal - again. I got the portal to Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal. As always I had a quick fly around the lake in search of the Nordrassil Wisp. There was no sign of any and so I started to fly away from the area when a green paw print appeared... a wisp!!! It was only uncommon and after capture it dropped back to level 20 but nonetheless I now have one. This capture bumped me up to 306 unique pets - still a fair way off of 400, especially when you don't have MoP.

My hunter with her new Wisp at Nordrassil.
I spent the rest of the evening leveling my mage and managed to get her from level 72 to 75 via dungeons and a little questing. At midnight (server time) it became WoW's 8th Anniversary - my second feat of strength. In the mail I received my Celebration Package and I must admit to initially being disappointed. I had hoped for a pet or something but as my boyfriend pointed out - Blizzard had added hundreds of new pets with the advent of pet battles. Plus, on second inspection, the celebration package buffs are actually very handy - especially when leveling.

Last night I also started taking picture for IntPiPoMo 2012. IntPiPoMo is essentially taking 50 screenshots during the month of November and was started by Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate (see link for further details). Later today I will post my first blog relating to IntPiPoMo 2012 and I'm hoping to use WyriMaps to show the screenshot locations.

Thanks for reading :)

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