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Sunday 1 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

Today is the last day of #DruidWeek! Recently I've been really focusing on leveling my NElf druid Tertami so #DruidWeek came at a brilliant time for me, well her.

Tertami is a Boomkin (aka Balance). She's big and fuzzy. Her off-spec is Restoration which I use in battlegrounds - it helps the queue go quicker. However, I have been way to chicken to try out healing in a dungeon!

I had two aims for her this week - one realistic and one a little optimistic; to get her leatherworking skill up to date and to hit Northrend. The latter is fairly self explanatory but the former not so much but I did speak about it not so long ago.

Basically, her skinning skill is up to date -  as in she is able to skin what she kills. However, her leatherworking is somewhat behind. As I'm questing her through Outlands she is skinning Knothide Leather however she is only skilled enough to use Rugged Leather (which is end of Vanilla, i.e. Blasted Lands). So, my mission was set - to farm her enough Rugged leather to earn enough skill to use Knothide. Fortunately Darkmoon Faire is in town which gave me a +5 skill boost!!

So, how have I done with my two aims this week??

Leveling to reach Northrend has been somewhat side-tracked and the leatherworking has taken over much of her play time. She is currently level 66 (98% of the way to 67) with a skinning skill of 406 and a leatherworking skill of 322. I'm really happy with this and she'll be in Northrend in no time!


  1. Looks like you have your work cut out for you getting to Northrend. I think you should be able to do just fine at about level 68. Nothing like a little boom-chicken to brighten any day. :p

    1. Yeah I'm intending to get the boat over at 68. The lack of 'looms (well I have the Dread Pirate Ring) hasn't helped. I've probably done more dungeons whilst I level on this char than any other. It's been weird sitting in the dungeon queue all the time whilst questing - faster though!!