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Monday 30 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Last week was the half-way point of Laeleiweyn's Alt Appreciation. As it's been a while since my first post here's the schedule...
My Paladin really is a baby! I started Delphzin back in April as my Ironman Challenge character. I got her to level 6 and then forgot about her. As with many of my low level alts, more important things cropped up and she dropped to the bottom of the pile.

I chose another Draenei as I love the race in general. Delphzin looks completely different to my hunter who is also a Draenei. I also opted for a Paladin as it was a class I didn't have and one that I thought might offer me the best chance of success.
My initial aim was to get her to level 10 following the rules - most importantly not dying! I had left her at level 6 so last night I had a bit of spare time. I really wanted to hit my target of level 10 but ran out of time, she's approx half way through level 9.

At Odesyus' Landing.
At level 9 I learnt about holy power and the ability World of Glory (aka WoG). I think it will be especially useful given the challenge I'm facing and hopefully I can use it to keep my health in tip-top shape and not die!

Pod Wreckage.
Generally I love the Draenei starting area and had forgotten all about the quest Tree's Company where you dress up as a tree and discover that Engineer "Spark" Overgrind is the traitor!!

My disguise...
I have to say I really enjoyed playing my pally last night. She only has three or four abilities so perhaps its the simplicity, or maybe the fact that she definitely kicks ass! I'm sure things will change once I leave the starting zone.

Even at my slow pace of leveling I will soon have reached my target of level 10. My next target is to reach level 20 *fingers crossed.


  1. I love Draenei starting area :) <3

    1. The crash debris that's everywhere is very cool yet fitting with the natural surroundings :D

  2. Reading this has left me wanting to go and level another Draenei. I was thinking about server transferring either my Paladin or Shaman but now I'm tempted to go from the beginning.

    1. The Draenei starting area is one of my favourite :) Personally I'm not sure if I'd ever pay to transfer a character. If I had the time I'd almost certainly just start over, saves money and I enjoy leveling (even if it takes me forever).

  3. Oh my gosh, I remember that tree disguise... How the heck was anyone fooled by that? It is better than the tree disguise for Death Knights, though... :p

    1. It's not the best disguise ever but I agree it's better than the DK one which is more like a cardboard cut out (I think).