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Thursday 5 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 1: Introducing Oogleme!

We're now into the third week of Laeleiweyns Alt Appreciation. I have to admit I've been looking forward to this week ever since I saw the schedule!

As she is today, with Kitty.
During #HunterWeek I have a few aims:
  • To try out BM on Oogy (again): sort out my BM spec action bars so I can actually use it and then try it out in combat.
  • To level a Horde hunter. I have started this and am a member of the newly formed all hunter guild Hunting High and Low which is built up of Twitter-peeps. You can read some more about it here.

This post, Part 1 of #HunterWeek, is mainly about me introducing you to my main character and talking a little about her evolution from level 1 to 90. I've even dug out some old screenshots of her.

Level 70, heading to the Borean Tundra!
My main, Oogleme, is a hunter and so I spend the vast majority of my in-game time as a hunter. I take Oogleme to pretty much everything I partake in, be it Naked Raiding, Friday Fun-Runs or progressional stuff like LFR. She is my first port of call when there's new leveling or content to see. Generally, I do everything on her and in a lot of cases I only do things on her (i.e. bones farming on the Isle of Giants and dailies on the Isle of Thunder).

Level 81, dead in the Solarium.
 Back when I started playing WoW properly in February 2012 I wasn't sure what class to play. In the end I went with hunter. I'm honestly not sure why but I think it may have been the appeal of having a pet! (you can read an older post about my pet collection here). I went Drenei as I think they're a brilliant race.
Level 84, in Uldum with Gary.
 Anyway, I leveled Oogy as a Beast Master up until level 85 (I think). If I'm perfectly honest I don't remember a great deal about leveling her - except the odd memory here and there. Generally these memories are based around the taming of certain pets or silly things. One thing I am sure of is that I was not invinciple, nor am I invincible now! I avoided anything group based, such as dungeons, unless it was with guildies. Gradually I built up my confidence and started doing things alone.

Level 85, in Goldshire.
When I got to level 85 (max level prior to MoP) I made Survival my main spec with BM only being used to tame special pets. To this day I have remained mainly Survival but I would love to give BM another chance (hence objective 1).

More recent, level 90 I think. In my Dragonstalker
'mog with Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix.
Objective 2 stems from a long-term desire to roll a new hunter. As I've mentioned I don't remember a lot from when I leveled Oogy and I don't think I fully appreciated hunters as a class. Hence, I've thought about rolling a new hunter to re-experience it again for some time and Alt Appreciation has given me a reason to finally do so!


  1. Beastmastery is really fun! :) and tier2 looks awesome with that bow!

    1. I used to really enjoy it but my action bars are so different now. Yeah, it's one of my fave tier sets. Not a great angle to see the gear itself, but the bow looks awesome :)