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Saturday 7 September 2013

Friday Fun-Run & #HunterWeek Part 2: BM Spec.

Yesterday was Friday, which means it was Friday Fun-Run time!! This time we ventured to Bastion of Twilight - my nemesis! We were missing Miss Murloc but had gained a few different people - including Wallace, I have no idea who exactly Wallace is but he turned out to be very useful and the inspiration of many jokes!

You might be wondering how exactly a Friday Fun-Run relates to #HunterWeek other than me taking my hunter to said fun-run. Well on my Part 1 post I mentioned that I wanted to try out Beast Mastery spec once again. Since hitting max level during Cata (aka level 85) it has been my secondary spec rather than my main so it's been a long time.

I decided to bite the bullet and use BM spec during the fun-run as a sort of experiment. I find that toal immersion is the best way to adapt to and learn new things hence I dived straight in. I swapped back to survival spec a few times last night, just to check how my action bars were set out, my normal "rotation" etc. But as I was concentrating so much on what I was doing I didn't take any screenshots and was pretty quiet etc.

So, the main question really is how did I find BM spec? Well it was certainly different!! At first I was having issues with the order I should be doing things - ie. forgetting to use Kill Command etc. As BM is more centered around your pet I guess it feels like there's more to be doing. The pet control is just an extra thing to think about, do etc. Despite this extra complication I did enjoy it enough to go into LFR using it!! I will be continuing to use it for the rest of #HunterWeek to see if I get better / used to it enough to consider returning to it for good.

As for the fun-run we ended up clearing it in 25-man normal mode rather than heroic as we didn't have a brilliant raid set-up etc. But you can check out Chromeeh's video and see what happened and hear some of the weird conversations we had!

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