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Sunday 1 September 2013

Friday Fun-Run! BWD & FotFW

Friday just-gone I was able to return to the world of Friday Fun-Runs! /cheer

It was an interesting night for me. Firstly, someone *cough* Mrs of MrandMrsWoW *cough* got me rather intoxicated right at the start so everything was a bit fuzzy at first. Plus, we went to two places that I either hadn't been to or don't remember in any detail.

We started with Blackwing Descent. I remember the first boss, Magmaw, but nothing else of this raid. I recall doing it a long time ago when hunters still had minimum range. As a result hunters weren't really able to hug the boss which caused some issues (I think).

Having no idea about the rest I was really in the dark about what to expect. Fortunately, Miss Murloc and Naktul are both good at explaining things - I don't do very well with technical explanations, a simple stand there and avoid crap on the floor works best. Nonetheless, I also find seeing things very helpful so wiping is in fact very handy for me when it comes to learning new stuff.

Overall we did pretty well with a few wipes here and there. I got the folllowing achieves:
Parasite Evening
Heroic: Magmaw
Heroic: Omnotron Defense System
Full of Sound and Fury
Heroic: Chimaeron
Heroic: Atramedes
Heroic: Maloriak
Heroic: Nefarian
Blackwing Descent

We then headed to the Throne of the Four Winds. Again, I don't think I've ever been here and if I have I don't remember it.

"Stick to me"... like glue?

Heroic: Conclave of Wind
Heroic: Al'Akir unlocking the title Of the Four Winds.
Throne of the Four Winds

In addition I got Defender of a Shattered World unlocking the title Defender of a Shattered World.

As always thanks to the organisers and everyone who turned up!

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