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Thursday 19 September 2013

I've Graduated.... Again

I've been a bit quiet this week in-game, on Twitter and in the blogosphere because it's graduation week! I had guests staying Monday - Wednesday for their graduations and then Wednesday was my own graduation.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go as I'd already attended my undergrad one back in 2011 and my masters finished nearly ~10 month ago so it's a bit late, I've had my certificate for ages! But my parents wanted to go, the majority of my masters course were going and the Twitter-world pointed out that it was better to go than not to and regret it.

So, yeah I went and it was pretty much the same as my undergrad one - same location, same order of events but I did get to wear different robes with longer sleeves (like full-length wings) and a slightly different hood. Even the entrance and exiting music was the same - I'm still not a fan of Take That's 'Greatest Day' but hey-ho.

No-one fell over and there was no catastrophes on stage. At my friends grad on Monday someone's mortarboard fell off as they were crossing the stage. Although, we did have a posthumous award for one of the engineers which was kinda sad but he finished his degree and was given his certificate before his passing which is nice and his 'rents were there for the ceremony.

I went out and celebrated last night with all my coursemates which was good fun. It's amazing how many have gone on to do PhDs (either starting last Sept or this year). I'm one of only a few that haven't continued in the world of research but all-in-all we seem to have been a pretty sucessful year!

Now things are back to normal and I have a lot of catching up to do - in-game and blogging (both reading & writing).


  1. I feel like I should know this already, but: what did you get your degree and masters in?

    And major grats :) Didn't know you had already finished it so long ago, I've been kinda derelict in duty with friends lately :(

    1. Thanks :) No worries, I'm not sure if I've ever really said what exactly I studied. I did BSc (Hons) Marine Biology & Oceanography then MRes Marine Biology. My masters was a bit weird as it lasted a full 12months, hence graduation was near enough a year later.

  2. A close friend of mine is a Marine Biologist, and he just got back into it after years of being away from the field. Congratulations and welcome to one of the most critical profession fields in existence! :p

    1. Thanks! That's cool, it's quite a fast paced field so it must be hard for him getting back into it. It's odd how people view us as a profession... some genuinely think we're hippies that hug dolphins all day & I for one have never touched a dolphin :P

  3. Congratulations, that's amazing. I quite half way through A Levels to live with my then boyfriend. I regret that all the time. While I did get the chance to start my own business, I really wish now that I had finished. My friends all went off to Uni and I envy them for that, but the opportunity for me has passed given my mum's condition. One day I may retake my full A Levels and finally get some degrees in geology, but that's a long way off. I'm hoping my writing will take off before then.

    Congratulations again - you were right to go, even if it was identical. You could have regretted not going, and given that everything went well, I doubt you regret -actually- going ^^ props!

    1. Thanks. I have a few friends that didnt finish college for various reasons so they never made it to uni, a few have since re-sat A-levels etc. Another got pregnant at uni so had to leave before finishing and she's doing really well as a mummy & a sign-language person at a deaf school :)
      I'm sure you'll do it one day, especially if you're motivated and want to pass etc. Atleast you're there for your mum and you've got plenty of time to do it... or become famous!!
      You're right, I don't regret going so it was probably the lesser ot two evils :)
      p.s. thanks for the BTag friendness!