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Sunday 22 September 2013

#WoWscreenshotaday September Days 11-20

Day 11: What you did today...

Patch Day!!!

Day 12: Shadow

In the shadow of Blackrock Mountain.

Day 13: Unexpected

At the beginning of MoP I'd never have expected Blizzard to make something so beautiful and then destroy it - poor Summer Fields in the Vale.

Day 14: Liquid

A World Event dedicated to (primarily) alcoholic liquids... it's Brewfest!

Day 15: Season

Blossom, my Blossoming Ancient, changes with the seasons. I'm guessing he'll soon be all autumny.

Day 16: Frame

The Stormwind Stargate?

Day 17: In front of me

For some reason rares on the Timeless Isle seem to spawn right in front of me quite a lot.

Day 18: Vintage

The Seat of Knowledge.

Day 19: What is this?

What is this boy all about!?

Day 20: In the morning

Every morning I look out on to my veggies in the garden (in real life).