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Sunday 15 September 2013

Dress Up! #dressPoor

A week ago Batinna posted regarding a transmog challenge - Dress Up! There's 15 different themes to create transmogs for and they can be done as and when, but one a week is how Batinna herself will be doing it.

I love the idea of transmog but often lack inspiration so themes such as these a brilliant for me. So I've decided to take part. But, I have cheated a little!! Batinna wanted people to go out and actively collect, make etc. the gear - I've only created my masterpiece in MogIt though as it's clashed with Patch-week and I've been very sort on in-game time.

My 'mog is based on three pieces of the Nightscape Garb which my druid can make with leatherworking. The rest of the gear comes from drops and I have the staff. After all poor people would make their own clothing or steal it from dead bodies - right?

Head - Huntsman's Cap
Shoulders - Dervish Spaulders
Back - Pale Moon Cloak
Chest - Nightscape Tunic
Wrists - Imbued Pioneer Bracers
Hands - Imbued Pioneer Gloves
Belt - Huntsman's Belt
Legs - Nightscape Pants
Feet - Nightscape Boots
Staff - Rod of the Sleepwalker


  1. "Steal it from dead bodies"... LOL :p I like it though!

    1. Well I'm not sure where else she'd get clothes from... unless there's an Azerothian clothes bank like what the Salvation Army do!

  2. "After all poor people would make their own clothing or steal it from dead bodies - right?" .. Haha! :D Just had to comment that one because it made me laugh.

    You're transmog looks great! And it's a great point for "How to dress poor" that you can make the transmog yourself! Love it! :)

    1. Thanks :) I was planning on seeing what I could buy for 10-20 gold but it would have got me much! My servers AH seems a little pricey when it comes to gear.