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Monday 23 September 2013

Durumu... My Nemesis

Last night I took my mage into ToT. I queued for all the parts that were available to her and ended up in the Halls of Flesh-Shaping where Durumu the Forgotten is the first boss. /sigh. Now I am not a pro-raider nor am I 100% about boss tactics etc. but what happened last night was completely above and beyond.

Going into the first LFR instance I had a 50:50 success:failure history on Durumu. Ironically I survived the first time without any problems. Now this 50:50 was on my hunter which I play a heck of a lot more than my mage and know considerably better. But I was fairly confident I knew what to do when - otherwise I wouldnt have gone in on my poor squichy ickle maggie.

First LFR instance (yes you read that right, first) we wiped 3 times (I think). First time was just one of those things. The raid leader was pretty damn rude if I'm honest and a few people left as a result. We'd wiped just the once, which to me is no big deal and almost to be expected, and this guy was just a jerk. We ran in and were regrouping when some idiot pulled the boss who did some crazy lightning thing which pretty much killed us all in one hit. Then a tank left. We sat about for a good 10-15mins when a warrior piped up that he had a tanking off-spec but wasnt too sure about his ilevel - turned out it was better than the real tanks. So we tried for the third time; we we're doing really well, the majority survived the initial part of the maze (where everyone panics to find the 'safe' area) then we started dropping like flies. I think we lost just one too many healers and the rest couldn't keep up. A load of people left including the tank, I hung about for another 10 mins but nothing seemed to be happening so I left the group.

I requeued and got straight in, not sure how that worked but hey-ho. Had a much nice raid leader this time who was not only well mannered but helpful. The first attempt we'd go Durumu down to ~10% health, a tank died and we wiped. But the leader was positive, everyone was. We regrouped and would you believe it someone pulled the boss. Crazy lightning stuff again and wipe. Third attempt (well second proper one) and we did it. Wooo!

It was one hell of a night in LFR and I don't ever want to see Durumu again (though I will be taking my DK through ToT at some point :( ). Now I'm sure I contributed my fair share of crappy damage and silly mistakes to the wipes but there's no need to be foul-mouthed. Plus I must have been fairly unfortunate to get two seperate people pull the boss accidently causing the mental lightning stuff. One thing I can take away from this is that I'm definately better at spotting the snake-like things on the ground that indicate the 'safe' area just before the maze itself spawns.

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