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Thursday 5 September 2013

Better late than never...

Recently I've been fairly lazy when it comes to finish certain things. Which is weird, as usually I'm a completionist. When I fist started playing WoW I insisted on completing the number of quests required in each zone to get the achievement before moving on. As of late I've had a fairly hectic schedule with work, people visiting and general faff. Hence, things have gone unfinished but this week I've set about changing that...

I've finally completed all of the LFR's available, at present, which you can read about here. Concerning my mission to get the Legendary cloak, I've not progressed much since I last posted on the matter - but not for lack of trying. I need to hit 3k Valor - week 1 I hit cap (1k done), week 2 930 (70 off of cap *grumbles*), leaving me to hopefully hit cap again this week and the final 70 or so next week.

For some time now I've been working on my farm, cooking and reputation with the Tillers. I honestly thought I was 'Best Friend' with all the Tillers but it turns out I had one to go - Ella. It didn't take me long to get enough of the various gifts and complete a few quests and I've now got some lovely tree's growing and a cat (I think). Oh and Friends of the Farm of course.

On a related matter, I decided it was about time I finished off cooking. I had maxed out most of the 'ways' except Way of the Grill and Way of the Oven. Fortunatley I had the majority of the ingredients I'd need to finish these off. What I lacked most of all (and refused to buy for Ironpaw Tokend or gold) was Krasarang Paddlefish.

I hopped onto my mage, who could do with leveling up her fishing, and headed to the fishing spot of the day - which happened to be Paddlefish in the north of Krasarang. I'd got a couple of stacks of Paddlefish but decided to fish up 4 stacks whilst I was there. To my delight I fished up my first carp pet - Tiny Green Carp. I have to admit I started to give up on the idea of fishing them myself and had began considering buying them from the AH.

Having linked my new pet in /g, which sparked a conversation about pets and the Timeless Isle I had a look to see how many pets off of the required 30 level 25's I was. This is something else that's simply slipped to the back of my mind and been forgotten about. I was very surprised to see that I was on 28 only 2 off, with 2 pets at level 24! So, I finished off last night by leveling those two pets to 30 and getting Pro Pet Crew. I have no idea what type of family balance I have so I will be looking into that over the weekend and finalising what pets (if any) I could do with leveling in addition to these 30.

This afternoon I had two further goals to complete. Having now acquired/grow most of what I needed I finished off my cooking and got Master of the Grill, Master of the Oven and Master of the Pandaren Cooking granting me the title Master of the Ways. I now want to cook the 6 different 300-stat recipes and complete the quest To Be a Master and work towards getting Nomi!

My final goal is to hit a skill level of 615 Engineering on my DK. She's been sat around the ~600 mark for some time now and I've lacked the motivation to properly max it out. One thing that hasn't helped is the lack of Spirit of Harmony. My two other level 90s have considerably more and not a lot to use them on which sucks. Anyway, I leveled Tizz up to 614 by making Thermal Anvil which are green and thus don't grant a skill up every time. By the time Patch 5.4 hits she will be maxed out though, and ready to go!


  1. You go guuuuurrl! Always good to have goals and then feel awesome when you accomplish them :)

    1. Thanks! I am pretty chuffed with myself that I finally got all these silly little things done (with the exception of the engineering).

  2. Grats on ur new pet and all ur awesome new achieves!