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Sunday 22 September 2013

Dress Up! #dressPirate

This week is #dressPirate and it just so happens to tie in with Pirate Day (which was on Thursday 19th). In addition to the trasmog challenge an in-game party was organised (as usual via Twitter). It was a really good evening and we spent a lot of it just chatting, killing evil hordies etc.

Boodsail outfits.
Pink dragon :)
Tauren killing.
For my transmog I decided to do something a bit different from the Buccaneer's Regalia or First Mate Hat.

Head - Lucky Fishing Hat
Shoulders -
Back - N/A
Chest - Gossamer Tunic
Wrists - N/A
Hands - Heavy Linen Gloves
Belt - N/A
Legs - Gossamer Pants
Feet - Gossamer Boots

Plus Charles, my Perky Pug, wearing his "Dread Pirate" Costume.


  1. Charles is so cute with that hat! <3 :)

    1. He really is. Next I'm going to get him the Princess Hat... see if it suits him or not.