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Wednesday 27 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #5: Lakeshire and the Priest

Lakeshire is a lovely little town in the Redridge Mountains and I've spent a few hours picking herbs there this evening... on my new priest! That's right - priest! Following the success I had with Ferleno during #PriestWeek I felt inspired to roll one on my home server. I woke up Sunday with a plan in mind and Chubbwubb was born!

Since then I have played 9hrs 58mins on her and got her to near enough level 26 (she's currently 92% through level 25) via the amazingness that is insta-queues when you're a healer. Ah I forgot to mention that part - so not only have I rolled a priest that I like but I've plucked up the courage to heal in dungeons! *happy dance*.

On with the screenshots...

Over the bridge...

Inside the townhall.
Inn complete with random Draenei!

Romantic meal perhaps?
Someone's been cooking up a potion!
 IntPiPoMo Progress: 35/50

Tuesday 26 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #4: Crystalsong Forest

I'm a big fan of the cold, wintery feel that Northrend has as a general theme but there's one little pocket that whilst still feeling cold is almost certainly more a bright spring morning than a wintery night - Crystalsong Forest!

IntPiPoMo Progress 25/50

Sunday 24 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #3: The Enchanted Fey Dragon

I gave in and purchased the special bundle which includes the Enchanted Fey Dragon and the Alterac Brew-Pup - both of which I love and have been waiting some time for.

 It seems they're a fairly big hit within the community as I've seen a lot around...

IntPiPoMo Progress: 21/50

Friday 22 November 2013

Every [Leatherworking] Cloud has a [Fur] Lining

I've recently been on a binge trying to level my druid Tertami and it's been paying off as she is now level 78. I have, however, hit several brick walls along the way when to comes to her professions - Leatherworking and Skinning. I've spoken about this a few times before (see here and here).

Anyway, having made some real leveling progress I decided to work a little on the professions side of things. Her skinning was about right but as always the LW was behind. That was until I managed to find a sneaky little thing... embossments of fur linings.

There's four in-game (I think):

I happen to have used the intellect one as it was the most appropriate.

Each embossment costs 1 x Eternium Thread which you can purchase from a vendor for 3g a piece. So it's not exactly cheap but it is effective! I managed to go from a skill of 404 to 425 before it went from orange to yellow.

I was really chuffed with this little trick and thought I'd share it with you as I know I'm not the only person who finds leveling LW a massive pain!

Thursday 21 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #2: Timeless Beasts

In the past I've posted a fair few pics of the Timeless Isle but I feel I've neglected the plethora of creatures found there and as a biologist this is pretty sucky of me. I have to admit that I'm always interested by the animals I find in each zone and in particular those that come with new expansions. Geeky I know *grins*

I found this weird creature that looked exactly like me...
These guyss hit pretty hard so I kept my distance!
I definately got too close trying to take a pic of these...

I think these guys are awesome :)

More my scene...
IntPiPoMo Progress 17/50

Wednesday 20 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #1: Shrine of the Seven Stars

A few weeks ago I posted about IntPiPoMo 2013 and I've since slacked off a bit. Which means with just 10 days of November left I am facing the task of taking 50 screenshots!

For me the Shrine of the Seven Stars is a place I visit most times that I am in Azeroth yet I've never fully appreciated it for all it's little quirky features. Here's some of them...

Sunday 17 November 2013

Alt Appreciation: #WarriorWeek & Concluding Thoughts

I know I'm about two weeks behind with this post but I got bogged down with work, then it was BlizzCon and I forgot all about Alt Appreciation.

Now #WarriorWeek never really happened for me. I played a warrior once, a while back and I wasn't that big a fan. She was an Orc and my plan was to try out battlegrounds (properly) with her. I'm not sure if it was the class or battlegrounds that made the experience a horrendous one! It did teach me one thing though - pvp makes me quite angry!
I though I'd finish Alt Appreciation off with some concluding thoughts. Overall I really enjoyed it! So thank you to Laeleiweyn for coming up with such an awesome idea. It was good to play some classes that I've either never played or haven't tried in a very long time. I think the most interesting part for me was playing a priest again and discovering liking the class more than I had previously. I think in the future I will try to do my own mini alt appreciations more often.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Juggling My Justice Points

I often find myself in the situation where I have 4000/4000 Justice Points. So any JP that I earn after this point either has to sit in a container in my bag (taking up valuable hoarding space) or get deleted - which is a shame.

Recently, I've been a little miffed by how much JP I simply delete so I decided to investigate how best to spend my JPs. Obviously the obvious thing to do was buy heirlooms - but for someone that tries not to use them it's a bit of a waste still.

Then it hit me - convert Justice Points to Honor Points... and buy mounts!

500 JP = 250 HP so you do effectively half it (assuming the two currencies are equal). Each mount is 2000 HP so thats equivalent to 4000 JP - which if you've got a few characters maxed out is nothing.

The HP mounts are all very cool and you get Call in the Cavalry. So far I have the Black Battlestrider and the Black War Ram (I forgot to take pics of them).

I'm posting this thinking that surely I'm not the only person wasting their JP and who hasn't thought about this nifty juggle to get some awesome mounts. Happy juggling!

Monday 11 November 2013

Free Boost to 90!

Yesterday I posted about the next WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor, but decided to leave one aspect out as I thought it deserved it's own post - the free boost to level 90!
"Level 90 Character Upgrade
Arise a Champion
Opposing the Iron Horde are the heroes of Azeroth—at the heights of power they’ve always been destined for. Even if you’re new or returning to the game, Warlords empowers you to immediately upgrade one of your characters to level 90 and master new abilities at the gateway to Draenor, so that you can charge into grand combat right away. Play the races and classes you’ve always wanted to try, wage war alongside your friends, and take your place among Warcraft’s finest."                                        Source

Sunday 10 November 2013

To Draenor!

So the big WoW announcement at BlizzCon 2013 was the next expansion 'Warlords of Draenor'. I'm writing this under the assumption that everyone now know's the basics regarding this but if you still haven't then this may contain spoilers.

Personally, I'm loving the new expansion. Things may change, yes, but based on what I heard at BlizzCon I think it's going to be a really exciting expansion. I'm just going to talk about waht I feel are thehighlights of this announcement for me.

 My main is a Draenei and I've always wanted to explore deeper into their past and culture. In fact I posted about it a while back. Obviously this expansion will really allow me to learn about Draenor, the Orcs and Draenei and the origins of the Horde and how Outlands came to be. Speaking of which, I'm quite the fan of Outlands as we know it - mostly due to the very unique spacey feel that it has. Obviously, Draenor will have a similar feeling which I'm looking forward to.

New characters models is something else I've wanted for a while. Back in July, a Community Blog Topic asked What is your favourite playable race? and I answered Gnome and Tauren's closely followed by Draenei and Goblins. And I'm sure in another post I spoke about my personal preference for the older races to be re-vamped rather than new races and/or classes. Well, it looks like Blizzard took note of this general want! If you go to the Warlod of Draenor website you can see what race models they're working on; Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome and Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll. Some models are viewable now and more will be in the future.

Storage has also been looked at! We can expect to see new ways to store heirlooms and toys and possibly *fingers crossed* tabards so that they don't occupy valuable bag space. This was a feature that I really wanted to see implemented and posted about back in June. Plus we should be seeing new ways of customising our bag space and an inteface update that should make it easier to identifiy purple epics from vendor trash.

In the same post on features I spoke a little about galleries/museums - essentially player housing. WoD brings us Garrisons - a very unique new part of the game. We will be able to build our own garrisons, upgrade them, have followers, craft items, invite guests to see our garrisons etc. I'm very excited about this and for more details I'd highly recommend reading some official material on the matter.

All-in-all I can't wait to step foot on Draenor!

Monday 4 November 2013

Competition Winner!

A week or so ago I posted my Blogiversary Naming Competition. I was thrilled with the name suggestions that I got and I now have a lot more pets with names than before!!

The entries.


Sometimes I think I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on - yeah we've all heard the phrase and how true it can be!?! On Friday I was having a particularly silly day... all during the Friday Fun Run!

The first incident was within 10-15mins of forming the group. We'd just got into Ulduar (10-man) and Chro was sorting who was taking what vehicle - i.e. siege engines. We had a new face who happened to be a male Draenei so I did what any self-respecting female Draenei would and complemented his hooves. Yes, it was slightly creepy and extremely weird (even for me).


Sunday 3 November 2013

Introducing IntPiPoMo 2013

Afternoon peeps! It's occurred to me that we're now at the beginning of November which is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). I really like the idea of NaNoWriMo and I am thinking about giving it a go this year - if time permits. But the point of this post is not to talk about novels but about screenshots!!

Last year I took part in International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo) which as you might guess is the picture (or in this case screenshot) equivalent. IntPiPoMo was started by Angelya of Revive & Rejuventate back in 2011. The logic is:
"Y'see, a picture is worth a thousand words. The NaNoWriMo word target is fifty thousand. That means our IntPiPoMo target is fifty pictures, over the thirty days of November."                                                                                       Angelya Source
Anyways, I tweeted about IntPiPoMo and Angelya replied that she'd forgotten and has handed the baton over to me as it were - which is an awesome honour! (I hope it's as successful as past years).

To sum it up:
  • Aim to take 50 screenshots during the month of November.
    • there's no strict posting schedule or themes to adhere to.
    • pictures can be posted in blog posts and/or on twitter.
  • If you're intending to take part let me know by commenting or tweeting me and I will keep an updated list of participants below.
  • Use #IntPiPoMo on Twitter (it doesn't seem to have been used since last year).
  • That's it... well and having fun!
Just as an example; last year I broke my 50 screenshots into blocks of 5* with each block having a common theme, i.e. a zone or quest chain - you can view them here.
I know 50 is quite a daunting number but it isn't that bad.
* there was one block of 10.

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