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Monday 30 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Last week was the half-way point of Laeleiweyn's Alt Appreciation. As it's been a while since my first post here's the schedule...

Sunday 29 September 2013

Has it really been a year already...?

Mists of Pandaria was released on the 25th September 2012 meaning that as of this week it has been live for one year. To me this past year seems to have gone by pretty fast, possibly because I've been having so much fun.

I didn't have MoP for launch but I was online the night it all went live...

Saturday 28 September 2013

A Bit of Everything

I've been a bit slack with blogging the last few weeks. Last week was graduation week and I've spent a fair bit of this week in bed with an evil cold/flu. I'm still somewhat ill but as I'm able to actually get out of bed and move (unlike Wednesday) I'm considering myself to be fit and well. I've also had some brilliant news on the job front but will post about that seperately next week when I know more, definite details. Anyway this blog is made up of mostly old-ish news but nonetheless it's news (unless you happened to have read about it via Twitter).

What happens if you place a Thermal Anvil & Blingtron...

Monday 23 September 2013

Durumu... My Nemesis

Last night I took my mage into ToT. I queued for all the parts that were available to her and ended up in the Halls of Flesh-Shaping where Durumu the Forgotten is the first boss. /sigh. Now I am not a pro-raider nor am I 100% about boss tactics etc. but what happened last night was completely above and beyond.

Going into the first LFR instance I had a 50:50 success:failure history on Durumu. Ironically I survived the first time without any problems. Now this 50:50 was on my hunter which I play a heck of a lot more than my mage and know considerably better. But I was fairly confident I knew what to do when - otherwise I wouldnt have gone in on my poor squichy ickle maggie.

Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

I'm going to jump straight in and say I failed. That's right, failed! Completely and utterly. I haven't even logged my Monk during #MonkWeek. *hangs head in shame*.

My failure is the result of a number of things. It was graduation week here so I had guests at the beginning of the week, my own graduation on the Wednesday, celebrating afterwards, work, saying goodbye to friends, coupled with server issues Saturday night and massively over-sleeping yesterday. So, the relatively little in-game time I've had has been focused on more important things - sorry monk lovers!!

Sunday 22 September 2013

#WoWscreenshotaday September Days 11-20

Day 11: What you did today...

Patch Day!!!

Day 12: Shadow

In the shadow of Blackrock Mountain.

Day 13: Unexpected

At the beginning of MoP I'd never have expected Blizzard to make something so beautiful and then destroy it - poor Summer Fields in the Vale.

Day 14: Liquid

A World Event dedicated to (primarily) alcoholic liquids... it's Brewfest!

Day 15: Season

Blossom, my Blossoming Ancient, changes with the seasons. I'm guessing he'll soon be all autumny.

Day 16: Frame

The Stormwind Stargate?

Day 17: In front of me

For some reason rares on the Timeless Isle seem to spawn right in front of me quite a lot.

Day 18: Vintage

The Seat of Knowledge.

Day 19: What is this?

What is this boy all about!?

Day 20: In the morning

Every morning I look out on to my veggies in the garden (in real life).

Dress Up! #dressPirate

This week is #dressPirate and it just so happens to tie in with Pirate Day (which was on Thursday 19th). In addition to the trasmog challenge an in-game party was organised (as usual via Twitter). It was a really good evening and we spent a lot of it just chatting, killing evil hordies etc.

Thursday 19 September 2013

I've Graduated.... Again

I've been a bit quiet this week in-game, on Twitter and in the blogosphere because it's graduation week! I had guests staying Monday - Wednesday for their graduations and then Wednesday was my own graduation.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go as I'd already attended my undergrad one back in 2011 and my masters finished nearly ~10 month ago so it's a bit late, I've had my certificate for ages! But my parents wanted to go, the majority of my masters course were going and the Twitter-world pointed out that it was better to go than not to and regret it.

So, yeah I went and it was pretty much the same as my undergrad one - same location, same order of events but I did get to wear different robes with longer sleeves (like full-length wings) and a slightly different hood. Even the entrance and exiting music was the same - I'm still not a fan of Take That's 'Greatest Day' but hey-ho.

No-one fell over and there was no catastrophes on stage. At my friends grad on Monday someone's mortarboard fell off as they were crossing the stage. Although, we did have a posthumous award for one of the engineers which was kinda sad but he finished his degree and was given his certificate before his passing which is nice and his 'rents were there for the ceremony.

I went out and celebrated last night with all my coursemates which was good fun. It's amazing how many have gone on to do PhDs (either starting last Sept or this year). I'm one of only a few that haven't continued in the world of research but all-in-all we seem to have been a pretty sucessful year!

Now things are back to normal and I have a lot of catching up to do - in-game and blogging (both reading & writing).

Sunday 15 September 2013

Dress Up! #dressPoor

A week ago Batinna posted regarding a transmog challenge - Dress Up! There's 15 different themes to create transmogs for and they can be done as and when, but one a week is how Batinna herself will be doing it.

Alt Appreciation #MageWeek

It's the fourth week of Laeleiweyn's Alt Appreciation which means it's #MageWeek!

My mage Jojopanda is very special to me as she was my first ever character. I know I've mentioned this before - she was originally rolled on my boyfriends account so that I could try out the game and found that I loved it etc. When I got my own acocunt in Feb 2012 I made her to look exactly the same as she was originally - right down to the piercings! This did, however, cause one slight issue; by the time I was re-rolling her the Pandaren race had been announced so her name was a bit silly but I kept it. She wouldn't have been the same otherwise. Hence, we have Jojopanda the Gnome maggie...

I have no idea how she rides some mounts!

Friday 13 September 2013

I Was Not Prepared!

Patch 5.4 is the first time that I've been up to date enough with content that I was able to experience it from the off. I'd checked it out on the PTR, leveled my engineering, completed all of the LFRs available, and thought about what pets I'd need for the Celestial Tournament  - but... I wasn't prepared for the excitement, wonder and simultaneous panic I'd feel!

Tuesday 10 September 2013

#WoWscreenshotaday September Days 6-10

Day 6: Getting Read

 In the Royal Library, Stormwind.

Day 7: White

Looking out over Dun Morogh.

I had to put my graphics on ultra or else it would look like....

Day 8: Made by me

Tizzling on Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.

Day 9: On the wall

Tertami on the wall of Valiance Keep (she's now level 58 and in Northrend).

Day 10: Sweet

Aimee the Pie, Pastry & Cake vendor in Dalaran.

Monday 9 September 2013

Last Minute Prep for the Celestial Tournament!

Recently I ticked off a few achievements that I've been stupidly close to finishing but never bothered with or forgot all about. This included the achievement Pro Pet Crew. Now I have twice the minimum number of level 25 pets needed to take part in The Celestial Tournament. Which is excellent news as there's no healing or reviving pets in the instance.

But... do I have the right pet families leveled? Could I do with some more pets from a certain family? What pets should I level next to make things easier? Not to mention wanting the achievement Pro Pet Mob!

This post is going to explore what pets we can expect to face as part of the Celestial Tournament and how we can use this information to prepare our own pet rosters (even if it is last minute!!). I will be showing you how I have worked out what pet families will benefit me the most when it comes to competing at the Celestial Tournament.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 3: Jojomoo

In Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 1 I outlined my two aims for the week. Part 2 covered my trying out BM-spec on my main again and this post, Part 3, will be about my ickle Horde-hunter Jojomoo.

Jojomoo is a Tauren hunter and a member of the all-hunter Twitter-based guild Hunting High and Low on Draenor. The guild is being led by The Godmother of Alternative Chat and you can read more about it here.

#WoWscreenshotaday September Days 1-5

When I finished the original (August) edition of #WoWscreenshotaday I said I wasn't sure if I'd take part in the September edition and that if I did it would be in batches rather than eveery day. Well I've decided to take part and to do 5 at a time. I had these screenshots ready on Thursday which was the 5th but totally forgot about it...

Day 1: Together

A group of us together waiting to kill Garalon.

Day 2: My name begins with...

J is for Jinyu - here's a picture of one of their settlements at Inkgill Mere.

Day 3: Lines

Lines of seating within Karazhan.

Day 4: Alone

A lonely floating island in Nagrand.

Day 5: Here Forever

Owen's Wishing Well in the Jade Forest.

Saturday 7 September 2013

Getting Wowhead Tooltips

A number of websites and blogs use Wowhead tooltips and you might be wondering how you can get them working on your own site/blog. Here I'm aiming to show you how to get the tooltips working easily on a Blogger blog, following the method I use.

On the Wowhead site there is a page dedicated to tooltips. On this page you'll find the piece of HTML code that makes the tooltips work as well as information on advanced usage. However, to make it work on your site you need to know what you're doing with the coding and linking items.

Friday Fun-Run & #HunterWeek Part 2: BM Spec.

Yesterday was Friday, which means it was Friday Fun-Run time!! This time we ventured to Bastion of Twilight - my nemesis! We were missing Miss Murloc but had gained a few different people - including Wallace, I have no idea who exactly Wallace is but he turned out to be very useful and the inspiration of many jokes!

You might be wondering how exactly a Friday Fun-Run relates to #HunterWeek other than me taking my hunter to said fun-run. Well on my Part 1 post I mentioned that I wanted to try out Beast Mastery spec once again. Since hitting max level during Cata (aka level 85) it has been my secondary spec rather than my main so it's been a long time.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Better late than never...

Recently I've been fairly lazy when it comes to finish certain things. Which is weird, as usually I'm a completionist. When I fist started playing WoW I insisted on completing the number of quests required in each zone to get the achievement before moving on. As of late I've had a fairly hectic schedule with work, people visiting and general faff. Hence, things have gone unfinished but this week I've set about changing that...

I've finally completed all of the LFR's available, at present, which you can read about here. Concerning my mission to get the Legendary cloak, I've not progressed much since I last posted on the matter - but not for lack of trying. I need to hit 3k Valor - week 1 I hit cap (1k done), week 2 930 (70 off of cap *grumbles*), leaving me to hopefully hit cap again this week and the final 70 or so next week.

Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 1: Introducing Oogleme!

We're now into the third week of Laeleiweyns Alt Appreciation. I have to admit I've been looking forward to this week ever since I saw the schedule!

As she is today, with Kitty.
During #HunterWeek I have a few aims:
  • To try out BM on Oogy (again): sort out my BM spec action bars so I can actually use it and then try it out in combat.
  • To level a Horde hunter. I have started this and am a member of the newly formed all hunter guild Hunting High and Low which is built up of Twitter-peeps. You can read some more about it here.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

I'm Up To Date With LFR!!

This week I've finally finished all of the (currently) available raids (via LFR)... and it's prior to Patch 5.4. For me this is a first - I'll actually be able to dive into the current patch content as soon as it comes out!!

I had cleared up to Forgotten Depths leaving the Halls of Flesh-Shaping and Pinnacle of Storms to go.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

Today is the last day of #DruidWeek! Recently I've been really focusing on leveling my NElf druid Tertami so #DruidWeek came at a brilliant time for me, well her.

Tertami is a Boomkin (aka Balance). She's big and fuzzy. Her off-spec is Restoration which I use in battlegrounds - it helps the queue go quicker. However, I have been way to chicken to try out healing in a dungeon!

Friday Fun-Run! BWD & FotFW

Friday just-gone I was able to return to the world of Friday Fun-Runs! /cheer

It was an interesting night for me. Firstly, someone *cough* Mrs of MrandMrsWoW *cough* got me rather intoxicated right at the start so everything was a bit fuzzy at first. Plus, we went to two places that I either hadn't been to or don't remember in any detail.

#WoWscreenshotaday Day 31 (a day late)

Day 31: Dangerous

The Snapjaw Crocolisk in Northern Stranglethorn are really dangerous - especially if you're only a little Gnomeee!

This is the end of Tycertanks #WoWscreenshotaday. I've really enjoyed it and you can view all of my screenshots here. There is a September edition of #WoWscreenshotaday but I haven't yet decided if I'll be taking part. I do really enjoy taking screenshots and the challenge that comes with daily themes. However, I think doing it in batches (of say 5 days) would suit me better. We'll see...