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Monday 20 October 2014

Aspect of the Ostrich?

I'm guilty of not having blogged for ages again! Sorry! Same story as before, work was busy and I spent the spare time I did have playing WoW. But, now Patch 6.0.2 is here I finally have something to write about...

Last Wednesday was patch day in Europe and I was out on a work meal which meant I didn't log in to the joys of 6.0.2 until Thursday. I'll admit I'd been pretty lazy and not read a great deal about the patch or about Warlords. In part this was a conscious decision to avoid spoilers but it was also due to sheer laziness. I am the proverbial Ostrich with their head stuck in the sand refusing to acknowledge that change was looming around the corner.

So you can imagine the state of shock I found myself in when I logged in on Thursday and found...
  • My aspect bar had vanished
  • My pet bar had moved and there were mysterious numbers on the abilities
  • My traps had gone and upon later inspection I found I needed a button for each!
  • Stampede was a talent and
  • mend / revive pet had merged (I partly remembered reading about this)
I had gone from this...
I got to rank 8 of the Brawlers guild the night before the patch :)
... to this...

Despite the initial shock I like to embrace change and it's not taken me long to sort things out again - remove my second mend/revive pet, laying out my traps etc. Fortunately, I suppose, none of my main abilities have disappeared so my iffy rotation is the same - unlike the changes some classes have faced! 

I barely even notice anything has changed now. Although it has to be said I'm still a little confused about my aspects vanishing - guess I should go read those patch notes!