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Monday 10 November 2014

My Mage Had Botox! (Looking Back at the New Character Models)

I was, and still am, very excited and largely in love with the new character models. The first thing I did upon logging in after the patch was to flick down through my character list and check them all out. I had already seen what my main would look like thanks to Wowhead but hadn't bothered loading my other characters - so it was a real surprise...

My hunter looked as she had over at Wowhead - and all my Draenei followed suit and looked amazing. In fact I like the updated models so much that a random alt I made (Jojochi) to sit in a bank guild at level 1 will probably get leveled now.

And it wasn't until I put all my Draenei side-by-side that I realised just how different they all are in their facial features.

I had a bit of an issue with my Gnomes though. Specifically my mage looked quite frankly terrible - she'd had botox and well I didn't especially like her new miserable look. I decided to swap it about a bit first changing her hair colour to white, then going back to brown hair and changing the face.

She still has the face on the right.

I guess her new face did make her more menacing!
My mage still looks grumpy though and even getting her Legendary cloak this week didn't cheer her up.

On the other hand my DK looked amazing - so not all Gnomes seem to have had botox as part of the overhaul!

Next up - Night Elfs! I really wasn't sure what to expect from the new NElf models but fortunately my two ended up looking pretty damn good. I especially like the fangs, which you can't see in the picture below. But I do know from talking to some people that not everyone loves their new look as much as I do.

My Dwarf was another new model that I initially wasn't 100% convinced by. She just didn't look right - she seemed incredible bald (before you could definitely see her hair) and more masculine than I'd like... even for a lady Dwarf!! 

I decided to try hiding her hat first off and it turns out that was just the ticket! She looks lovely agian with her Princess Leia buns back on show!

Both of my banking alts are Humans, a race that I don't really play nor was I overly interested by. Being one of the original races I was very interested to see how the new models would revamp these horrible outdated models. Turns out the new ones look pretty splendid! So much so that I would actually consider maybe one day leveling a human now... although I do play one everyday at work.

Part of the reason I left it so long to publish this post was because I wanted to be able to look back a month or so post-patch and to think - how do I feel now about the new models? Do I still dislike my mages botox face?

I'm still in love with the new models. Largely I think they're just perfect! Although I have to say they've been in-game long enough now that I find myself forgetting that not that long ago they looked very different.

Honestly, I'm still not in love with my mages pout but I don't find myself reverting back to her old model. I think she's fine as she is... 

Monday 3 November 2014

Goodnight Garry!!

I've been waiting a looooong time to say this - but we have finally killed Garry on a Sunday 'flex' raid! Woooohooooooo!

In case you're unaware I have been leading (and I use the term loosely) a Sunday 'flex' raid for ooh about 9 months now. I've had a look back through the blog and the first time I mention it was way back in February! So yeah we've been going a while and it's not always been plain sailing.

These Sunday flex runs (or normal as it is now, post patch 6.0) are designed to be casual and for some it's the only raiding of current content that they do. It's been a learning curve for all involved - most of all myself. I wouldn't say raid leading comes to me naturally and my tactical knowledge is often lacking. But I've been trying and for once keeping up to date with the content, gearing, gems, enchants the lot.

Like I say we've been at it a while and we've seen many people come and go. I'd like to really thank everyone that's been - even if it's only been for a single night of what I sincerely hope was fun! And we've amassed some regulars in recent months.

The following list is not exhaustive (I've no doubt forgotten people that started flex right at the beginning) but here are some of the crew:
Zxorm, Nemi-saur, Rick, Matt, Joey, Rinike, Nizkiz, Chromeeh, Swe, Webbet, Ziyall, Sean, Rel, Sivation, Shadrea, TQA – Brakefine, Shadowhowl, Mapicho, Firebolt, Iemans and my guildies - Queks, Rob, Mark, Hege, Jason, Josh, Jaedia, Olli, Erlend, Thijs, Adam etc. etc. etc.
If I've missed you off please don't be offended as everyone has played their own part in getting us to last night's Garry kill - no matter how big or small - and I'm very grateful!!

Anyway we'll be back in Warlords - here's to more dead bosses! /cheers

Sunday 2 November 2014

#IntPiPoMo is back!

We're now into November which can mean only one thing- it's time for IntPiPoMo 2014!

I've included a couple of my favourite pictures that I took last year :)

International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo) is the picture equivalent of National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). In reality it doesn't have to be screenshots from WoW but images form any game or even an array of photographs you take of the real life world - it's up to you.

The WoW blogging community equivalent was started back in 2011 by Angelya of Revive & Rejuventate and last year I took the baton on. I'd forgotten all about it this year until Chestnut tweeted me earlier - so thanks for that.

I think this years #IntPiPoMo should be really interesting with the release of Warlorsd of Draenor taking place half way through the month. I'm sure there will be a lot of pictures from Draenor appearing - and I imagine a lot of it will be new to various people who haven't yet had the chance to explore the new world in as much depth and detail.

In summary:
  • Aim to take 50 screenshots during the month of November.
    • there's no strict posting schedule or themes to adhere to.
    • pictures can be posted in blog posts and/or on Twitter.
  • Please use the #IntPiPoMo hashtag on Twitter.
  • Above all have fun exploring Azeroth (or whatever other virtual world you want to).
If you're intending to take part let me know by commenting or tweeting me and I will keep an updated list of participants below.


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