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Thursday 4 July 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: Do unlikely race/role combos disturb you?

Todays WoW Insider Breakfast Topic is "Do unlikely race/role combos disturb you?". Lisa Poisso asks "Whether your reasons are aesthetic or practical, have you found any particular race/class combinations to feel a bit dodgy? Is there a race/roll combination in game that just doesn't work for you?"

Lisa talks about her dislike of Gnome warrior tanks. I do get her points entirely; theyre small which doesnt help when it comes to locating them amongst masses of baddies and the meager size doesn't exactly inspire confidence. But as a Gnome DK owner I love how, despite their size, they can still kick some serious ass!

Personally, I'm a bit iffy about certain races being healers. I don't know why exactly this is but I can envisage some races as healers but not others. For example; Night Elfs, Trolls and Tauren's are what I imagine to be healing races whilst Dwarfs, Orcs and Undead are not. I guess that the races I see more as healers are slightly more in touch with nature etc. compared with the other (more) destructive races.


  1. Gnome and goblin warriors/dks. How are those tiny things tanking?!

  2. Orc druids would be just WRONG to me. Though I don't see why Pandas can't be druids.
    But of the classes in game, I find the concept of an undead priest laughable. How can an undead use holy powers? Mages and warlocks I can understand...

    1. One thing I love about druids is that each of the four races has a slight uniqueness about their various forms - I wonder if there were Orc druids if they'd be a green tinge?
      I'd never really thought about the classes Undead can be but I totally get your point about them being priests!