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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Introducing My New Pet: Arvash!

Last week it was Arvash (over at The Crimson Hammer)'s 1 year blogiversary. Arv asked people to "leave a comment, explaining what superhero, or supervillain, your Warcraft character would most resemble" for a chance at winning an Armored Bloodwing or one of two Blossoming Ancient.

There were some really good answers and some funny ones. Here's my answer: "I’d like to say that my hunter’s most like Hawkeye because she’s an excellent aim but I’m not sure how true that actually is… Nontheless, Hawkeye is brilliant :)". Arv soon pointed out to me that Hawkeye doesn't use pets - he's missing out if you ask me.

I was well chuffed to find that I'd won a Blossoming Ancient pet with the downside being I already had one. However, Arv offered me any other pet from the pet store and a number of TCG loot pets - including the Sand Scarab. I've wanted the Sand Scarab for a while and had been intending to buy it for myself (for real money) as the cost on my server AH would swallow up all my gold.

Needless to say I went for the Scarab and have named him Arvash. The Scarab's carapace pattern is much prettier than I'd imagined it would be and he does this cool look from side-to-side every now and then.

A massive thanks to Arv for the Scarab and congratulations to the other winners Cain and Lyss!