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Thursday 18 July 2013

Community Blog Topic: What would you buy from the in-game store?

This weeks Community Blog Topic is not only a rather controversial one but it's right at the forefront of recent WoW related news!

Robin Torres asks "What would you buy from the in-game store?".

Robin would like to see transmog sets. She suggests "witch sets for warlocks and mages or kung fu sets for monks" and note that se wrote this before the transmog helms were announced, which are now purchaseable. I do like a spot of transmog and I do like the idea of transmoggable item skins. However, at £10 a helm this is certainly above what I'd be willing to pay!

Robin also mentions high level alts. I can't say I'd never purchase a high level alt but I think I'd be pretty unlikely to. I really enjoy leveling and each characters journey is something I enjoy. But I do understand that fro more seasoned players questing through Outlands of the 20th time can be a little dull.

Now for the tricky part - what would I purchase?

I am a big fan of the pets and mounts that you can buy from the store. I own several, some were gifts but others I purchased myself. I think they're the perfect price - £7-9 for a cute litte companion and £17 for a mount. Plus, if youre lucky you can get a bargain! Having these available from an in-game store would be amazing.

Similarly, I'd like to see TCG loot available. These items can be purchased from wowtcgloot for real money so why not sell them in-game. I realise there's probably some issues with this idea from a legal stand point with licences etc. I just think more people would be inclined to make purchases directly in this way.

Clearly there's a lot of stuff that someone somewhere would consider buying and who knows what Blizzard might choose to introduce to the in-game store. I honestly can't say that there's stuff I'd absolutely, 100% never buy.

As I level more and more alts then perhaps I'll be more inclined to use xp boosts and/or purchase characters that start at level 70 for example. Maybe one day they'll bring ou a transmog skin that I absolutely love and I won't even stop to think about how much it's costing me.

What I can be sure of is that more pets and mounts are sure to catch my attention and most probably result in purchases.


  1. The question for me is not what would I buy, but what WOULDN'T I buy... :p

    I think the one thing I wouldn't buy is pre-leveled characters. A lot of times, I am not a fan of leveling. However, having a few characters that were boosted into the level 70 areas from recruit-a-friend I have to say I miss out on the experience (PUN!) of learning the new class. My shaman is level 74 and I have play her so very little after she was higher up. Far too many abilities all at once without the knowledge on how to use them. It can be overwhelming. :p

    I did just buy one of the new helms, and plan to buy the other two. I buy all the pets. I don't have the latest mount, but will soon enough. When blizzard adds something, especially something cute or cosmetic, I'm there telling them to shut up and take my money. :p

    If they put an in-game store, I pray that they don't add a real money Black Market Auction House. Basically, gambling and eBay all rolled into WoW. However, if they have a buy-it-now option, I'll probably be licking my chops waiting for the next juicy piece of mog-chops. :p

    1. I do struggle to contemplate the possibility of rolling a character and it being pre-leveled. Yes, they did it with DKs but there's obvious lore-reasons for that. I do think a lot of people would like it but equally a lot of people wouldn't.
      I dread to think how much money they make from pets and mounts - there's so many suckers, like us, that see a cute pet and have to have it! Atleast we're in good company :)
      I hadn't thought about what would happen if the added a real money function to the BMAH but I guess it really would be like virtual gambling & eBay. I'm honestly not sure if they'd be allowed to - especially with the gambling side. I think buy-it-now could work but again more reasons to spend money hmm...