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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Disappearing Dirt

Saturday afternoon I headed down to Sunsong Ranch and harvested my plants - primarily White Turnips for Work Order: Golden Lotus II. I then set about planting seeds for the next day when something very bizarre happened.

I had an occupied plot. So I disturbed the vermin and killed it. But then the plot mysteriously disappeared. I reloaded my screen but it was still missing. I decided to carry on with the remaining plots and then go back to it. Another plot was occupied and exactly the same thing happened.

Missing plots.

I tried reloading my UI again but still nothing. I even logged out and back in - still nothing.

All planted up.
I couldn't think of anything else that I could do so I left it. When I returned on Sunday to harvest and re-plant the plots had both reappeared and were still occupied. Some weird stuff happens on my farm!

Next day.


  1. Kind of scary, you might have a ghostly critter haunting that plot!

    1. ooh yeah some sort a paranormal activity ;)

  2. That is strange! I have had the whole farm dissapear when I have arrived there on a mount before, but thats always re-appeared at some point.

  3. I have had occupied plots keep being occupied after killing the vermin, but not disappear completely before. So many weird glitches in WOW.

    1. Those vermin drive me crazy! The glitches are weird but funny... 'though mine was quite as amusing as your naked panda one!