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Wednesday 17 July 2013

PTR: Pretty Pets & Magnificent Mounts

As I mentioned earlier in the week I downloaded and went on the Patch 5.4 Public Test Realm (PTR). If I'm honest I didn't do much testing when I was on there. But one thing I did do, pretty much instantly, was check out which pets and mounts I had available to me. There's absolutely no spoilers here - just a lot of screenshots!

Astral Cloud Serpent...

Drake of the East Wind. I already have the Drake of the North Wind and this is my second favourite of this drake style.

Grand Expedition Yak - not sure if I'll ever be able to afford this.

Spectral Steed. Having a play on this mount has inspired me to go to the Tol Barad Peninsula and collect Tol Barad Commendations.

Violet Proto-Drake - the reward for What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been which I'm not too far off having.


Red Flying Cloud. This mount is simply amazing! Can't believe I don't have any of the flying cloud... must get to work on The Lorewalkers rep.

Couldn't get onto the Timeless Isle - once you got too close you were ported away.
Do I even need to introduce this guy? Mini Tyrael appears in your bags, presumably every character has access to him.

Similarly, the Panda Cub is in your bags upon logging in. He has a reall cute sleep emote too!

Interestingly the Zergling is not in your bag but I had a level 25 one in my pet journal.

Then when I rolled Horde-side I had some different things available to me...
Magic Rooster. This mount is awesome and it has a really cool flutter animation.

Venomhide Ravasaur - a Horde only mount rewarded for the quest They Grow Up So Fast.

Spectral Wind Rider the Horde reward for sending a friend a Scroll of Resurrection.

Darkmoon Rabbit

I also had some fun as a monk drinking the Fortifying Brew!


  1. Super fun times! :p

    Interesting that they make everything available on the PTR. I haven't rolled a character there before, but certainly looks fun to go through everything. :p

    Grats on your terrific trio, by the way! :p

    1. Its totally worth rolling a character on the PTR just to check out pet/mount models & pet abilities for battling. Thanks :)

  2. PTR looks fun! and you can officially say you had a Mini Tyrael pet in your bags! ;D

    1. I know, I was like 'ahhh Mini Tyrael'! He was mine, if only for a short while.