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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Happy Birthday Elloric!

Today would have been Elloric's birthday but sadly he's not here to see it. Nonetheless he live's on in WoW with an npc of his character in the Vale. If you're unaware of Elloric's story you can read about it here and a special birthday post here.

Anyway, having read Ghemit's request for people to take Elloric some birthday cake I decided that I would. Now I never knew Elloric. I only know of him through Ghemit, who's blog I read and whom I follow on twitter. Despite having no real connection with him I still wanted to do something. I hope this brightens up what is no doubt a very emotional day for Ghemit.

Which leads me to Blizzards part in all of this. Ghemit recently linked two youtube videos that explore the various in-game memorials, which I have included here.

I knew that monuments and npcs of people existed in game but I wasn't fully aware of the scale of it. I've even encountered some in-game without realising. I had also assumed to some extent that they were almost exclusively Blizzard employee's - but this isn't the case. Now a lot of them are Blizzard employees or friends of but there's also random players.

I guess it makes sense that those who in some way were linked to Blizzard would be remembered as Blizz would know of their departure - something that wouldn't be true of all players. However, it seems that Blizz really do respect their fan base and remember those who are no longer with us (if informed of the loss). I think this is brilliant of them as a company! After all they aren't obliged to!

I'd like to conclude by really wishing Elloric a lovely cake filled day and saying good work Blizzard!

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