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Saturday 6 July 2013

Friday Fun-Run: Naxx etc.

This past Friday I was able to make it on a Twitter-guild Friday Fun-Run. As usual it was a brilliant event with lots of achievs and giggles!! We also had a brilliant turn-out which included a lot of Draenei!!

We went to Naxxramas 25man first of all and I got a lot of achievements. I think I have them all on 10 player difficulty but have never done Naxx 25man stylee.

            Make Quick Werk of Him
            The Construct Quarter
            And They Would All Go Down Together
            The Military Quarter
            The Safety Dance
            The Plague Quarter
            The Hundred Club
            Sapphiron's Demise
            Just Can't Get Enough
            The Dedicated Few
            The Fall of Naxxramas
            Kel'Thuzad's Defeat

We then went to the Trial of the Crusader where I got Salt and Pepper.

Finally we headed to The Obsidian Sanctum where I got Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows and the Twilight Drake.

Massive thanks to everyone who organised it and/or took part and I look forward to next weeks!!



  1. Oh, how fun! Gratz on so many achievements and a mount!

  2. Gratz on all the achieves and that beautiful Twilight Drake!