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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Terrific Trio

Last night I was on a mission. A mission to get my DK to Level 90. And I did it!

She was about half way through 89 so I was pretty determined. For once I managed to get a dungeon groups that didn't disband or whatever else and it all went pretty smoothly. Sadly the queue was pretty massive so I had to get the rest of the xp pet battling and questing (my usual methods).

This is a pretty big moment for me - not only did I get Terrific Trio but it's the maximum number of characters I've ever had a max level. So, hopefully, of all goes to plan I will bit my current record of 3.
I tweeted this to @ReliqEU earlier this week. Glaciermonger <3
I now face a big decision - who to level next? I'm considering my Horde DK in order to get the Double Agent achievement. Alternatively, Alliance side I have two characters around the late-40s, one early-30s. Oh and a level 10-ish monk. I think I'm going to spend the weekend thinking about what's the best move and then plan to try and stick to leveling just the one (or two) chars.


  1. Grats! I'm always up for levelling together on Ally if you're around the same level :D

    1. Thanks :) ooh yeah we could have twitter-guild leveling parties!