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Saturday 6 July 2013

Some More LFR

Thursday evening I did some more LFR with my guildie Roooby. I also remembered to take lots more screenshots in order to make this a slightly prettier post than my last LFR post. We did two seperate LFRs which, for me, requires quite a lot of brain power and concentration.

Heart of Fear. Pt 2.

First off we did Heart of Fear part 2. The first two bosses, Wind Lord Mel'jarak and Amber-Shaper Un'sok, were both pretty standard LFR. I think we wiped we wiped a few time on Mel'jarak and once on Un'sok.

The wipe on Un'sok was following a slight altercation between two people, and one decided to pull the boss before we'd cleared the trash. It was slightly frustrating watching two people throw their toys out of the pram but fortunately there was a very polite member of the raid who managed to convince them both to get on with it.


My fellow guildie was on his healer and was explaining to me how the final boss Grand Empress Shek'zeer can be quite a challenge for the healers. Personally I think the fight went pretty well and we defeated Shek'zeer first time. I was really amazed at how pretty the room this boss is in is - hence lots of screenies.

I like this GIF. You can not only see me removing
my arrow and shooting it from my bow but Rob is the
Paladin healer in front of me.
Overall this LFR went pretty well and I got the achivement Nightmare of Shek'zeer. I also got some Tier gear - my first current Tier gear. So I now have the Yaungol Slayer's Tunic, Yaungol Slayer's Gloves and Yaungol Slayer's Legguards. These items have thre same ilevels as the upgraded gear I was wearing so once they're upgraded they'll be a fairly big improvement along with their set bonus. It would be quite nice to complete the set at some point.

Terrace of Endless Spring

After a good first LFR run we decided that we had time to do another. This time we went for the Terrace of Endless Spring which I was now able to do. We were really successful in the sense that there was no wipes and we cleared it all first time - hence there's not as much to talk about here.

The first boss is a bit weird as in encorporates the Protectors of the Endless with the main boss Tsulong. If I'm 100% honest I don't remember the Protectors -  I probably just dismissed them as trash. The fight against Tsulong is an interesting one with the night and day element.

Lei Shi is the second boss and I felt pretty bad killing such a cute spirit. The noises (s)he makes are super adorable aswell! Again this is a really fun fight and I found I wasn't mentally phasing out and just pressing buttons but that I really quite enjoyed it!

Finally you fight the Sha of Fear. This fight isn't as pretty or quite as fun but it went pretty fast!

Overall, this has to be the prettiest LFR I've seen so far and I really enjoyed it! I got the Terrace of Endless Spring achiev but sadly no gear. I even bonus rolled on Lei Shi with the hope of getting Taoren, the Soul Burner but it looks like I have a reason to go back!!

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