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Saturday 27 July 2013

Friday Fun-Run: ICC

Having missed last weeks Friday Fun-Run I was keen to get back into the swing of Fun-Running and seeing the usuals etc. It was also a bit of a surprise location until about 10-15minutes before start time - we went to Icecrown Citadel which happens to be one of my favourite raids (out of those I've been to).

Having been to ICC a few times before I wasn't expecting a great amount of achieves. But it seems that I hadn't done ICC on 25man Heroic before which meant a few more achieves. Sadly we struggled with the Lich King on Heroic difficulty so ended up defeating him on normal.

          Heroic: Storming the Citadel
          Heroic: The Plagueworks
          Heroic: The Crimson Hall
          Once Bitten, Twice Shy
          Heroic: The Frostwing Halls
          Fall of the Lich King
          It's Over Nine Thousand!
          The Ashen Verdict

Reaching exalted with the Ashen Verdict means I now have access to the title "of the Ashen Verdict" which is pretty cool.

Atleast if you get chucked off the edge the snow storms quite pretty to watch!
As usual it was a really good laugh. I especially enjoyed Chromeeh's comments on farting flames, Snow sitting on the Lich Kings knee and Grandma Naktul's impression of fake comic fans!! See you all next Friday.

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