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Thursday 25 July 2013

Breakfast Topic Thoughts: Random Group Tools - The Results

A couple of days ago WoW Insider's Breakfast Topic, asked by Lisa Poisso, was Love 'em or hate 'em, do you use random group tools? I decided that rather than blogging about my thoughts on this topic on the day that I'd wait for the results.

First off my answer to the poll was "I use them, and I think they're a fantastic addition to the game." Quite simply if it wasn't for these tools I'd never see a lot of the content - in particular raids. I've only recently gotten into raiding (well LFR) and I am enjoying it. But I can safely say that real raiding (as so many people like to call it) probably wouldn't work for me. If I'm perfectly honest I don't think I'm cut out for it and I could see myself getting stressed - which is not what I want to achieve from the game!!

In the interest of giving a balanced argument I do understand why some people may choose not to use them. If you have a guild that runs dungeons every night and actively raids and you want to be a part of that then you probably don't need to use these tools. I also get why some people may want to take part in real raiding, whether it's for the loot, the team/community aspect or simply to get away from losers such as myself that are quite happy sitting at the bottom of Recount!

Now the second possible answer "I don't use them, and I wish they had not been put in the game" in particular interested me. Not wanting to use the tool is a personal choice thing. But wishing they had not been added is a whole other thing - especially if you don't use them. By this I mean, these people can't complain at what happens in LFR (for example) as it doesn't effect them. I'm not sure if I think they're simply being selfish, ignorant or... well I won't go there.

On with the results*....

I must admit that this wasn't quite the results I was expecting - but I'm pleasently surprised by this. Here's some interpretations** that I've taken from the results:
  • More people use group finder tools than I thought ~95%, with ~5% not.
    • Is it possible that those who go on about them having no place in WoW actually use them?
  • Most people think these tools are of some benefit to the game (whether they personally benefit or not) ~81%.
    • I'm glad that atleast some people appreciate how useful these tools can be - even if they don't use them!
  • There are people that use these tolls but "think the game might be better without them".
    • I'm genuinely curious why people think this. Judging by the comments some people find the noob & idiots to be a serious game issue and others have even suggested it takes away the community aspects (i.e. guild runs).
In conclusion to quote Shunli who commented that:
"The pros far, far outweigh the cons in my opinions".

* results likely to alter if more people vote
** these are my personal interpretations and are based on the assumption that the people that voted are not lying & are a fair, even representation of the WoW Community.


  1. Wouldn't have guessed this would be the result to be honest with how many complain (especially in mine and Jo's guild) about how group and raid finder is "ruining the game", etc, etc!

    I quite like the finders as they help me to do things I may not have been able to clear otherwise, but is something that can definitely be improved upon

    1. Roooby! Yeah, I really didn't expect these results - perhaps the moaners don't read WoW Insider & take part in polls or more than likely our guild has more than average!!