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Monday 1 July 2013

Community Blog Topic: What is your favorite playable race?

This weeks WoW Insider Community Blog Topic is "What is your favorite playable race?" as asked by Robin Torres last Tuesday. For once this Community Topic is quite an easy one for me and the answer hasn't changed since I started playing WoW over a year ago!

I have two favourite races - one Alliance and one Horde. Like I mentioned above I have loved these two races from day 1. Infact, they we're the first two races I rolled of each faction, respectively. If you could only ever play two races I'd play these. SpaceBard mentions a massive server crash in his answer and yeah, these races would be the two I'd pick from when starting over. Further, if my chosen Horde race was playable as Alliance too I'd [probably] never visit the dark side (and vice-versa)!

So, without further ado my two races are: Gnomes and Taurens!

I currently have two Gnomes on my home Alliance server. One is a mage, the other a DK. They are my second and third character's respectively. I've always loved the Gnomes and my first character was my Gnome mage. I love how they look, their funky hair styles (in particluar the beehive), thier bright hair colours. I don't really pay much attention to their moves in game but I know my mage chucks her arms in the air when casting Blizzard which looks pretty funny and my DK has some pretty amusing melee moves.

As for Taurens, I've not played them enough. Finding my home Horde server has been an issue but now I've found one and am settling in things are looking good for my army of Taurens. I like their massive bulk and their cute faces (even if there's only a choice of 4). I also like their druid forms. I can't really comment on their moves but I'm sure they're pretty damn awesome.

On a slight tangent, two other races that I really like are the Draenei and the Goblins. Again, I love the ability you have as a player to customise how they look - with Draenei horn styles and Goblin ears & noses. My main is a Draenei and I have a really low level Draenei which I'm attempting to do the Ironman Challenge on (I should really get back into that). I don't have a Goblin currently despite having completed the starting area 4 or 5 times but in the future I intend to have a Goblin rogue on my Horde server.


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