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Monday 8 July 2013

Getting Serious About Gear

As you may have noticed I've been do a fair few LFRs recently. Well a trip into ToT Part 1 on Friday with some guildies prompted me to take a look at my gear. To cut a long story short, someone was moaning about the crappy DPS, something was said about hit caps and I got a bit confuzzled by the technical talk. Fortunately the boyfriend was on hand to help me out.

This post may be a case of teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but it may be some use to someone out there.

On Sunday I put my character into Ask Mr Robot. I found my gear was far from optimal. To start with I had no gems which is pretty poor considering my hunters a jewelcrafter! I also had no enchants, no scope or belt-buckle and had not reforged. What's this reforging all about was the next big question.

Ask Mr Robot is really neat as it makes the steps to optimising your gear that bit easier. It shows you what gems to put where and what reforging needs to be done. It even gives you a handy shopping list to work from.

I spent a few hours working on my gear by adding a few gems and carrying out a fair chunk of the reforging. I haven't done everything that Ask Mr Robot advised me to but I'm part of the way there. I'm hoping this new serious attitude towards my gear will not only help my damage-dealing capabilities in LFR but also when collecting Giant Dinosaur Bones.


  1. I cheat and I use the Reforgelite addon in-game to do my reforging. I am far too lazy to get a shopping list of item enhancements AND drag all my bits of gear into the reforge window manually :P

    I'm sure you'll see a great improvement with your new tweaks! :)

    1. I had no idea there was an addon to help with reforging - think I'll check it out. It is quite tedious manually reforging not to mention expensive!

    2. Aye, it's costly as you still go to the Reforge vendor, but the addon has a whole bunch of presets so all you need to do is select your spec, hit calculate and press show. It does all the calculations, dragging and, sadly, taking your gold. Definitely is a massive time saver though!

    3. I downloaded Reforgelite last night but haven't yet properly looked at it but anything to help with reforging is a plus. I was just really shocked at how much it cost but I think that was partially as I did pretty much every item in one go.