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Sunday 28 July 2013

Fun on the US PTR

On Friday afternoon I had arranged to spend some time on the PTR with a guildie. It turned out that the EU Normal server 'Brill' was offline and so we headed to the US server 'Anasterian'. Having noted when I first got onto the PTR that the US servers will an option I was curious to see if I could access them - and yes I could. I assume it works both ways and that those of you on US servers go get to the EU PTR ones. The Korean server was, however, locked.

Clearly, this would be a brilliant way to meet up with those of you on US servers and share a slice of cake! Perhaps, if people were interested, we could arrange for a party of sorts?

I think this is what happens when you complete the Legendary cloak!!

Since I last went on the PTR the Proving Grounds, Timeless Isle and Celestial Tournament have all opened up for testing. I was keen to take a look at all of these but time was limited so it was a bit of a whirlwind tour.

From the Timeless Isle.
Firstly, I headed to the Proving Grounds. I had rolled myself a level 90 Death Knight and chosen Blood (Tanking) spec. My DK, Tizzling, is currently Unholy spec but I have considered the possibility of duel-speccing her to be Blood also. I took a bit of time and did some gemming and enchanting - not a great deal and there's no guarantee I picked the right things but I tried! I managed to pass the Bronze award first time but struggled on Silver. Each time I re-tried I got progressively better at it so I'm not discounting the possibilty of me trying tanking when the patch hits.

From the Timeless Isle.
I'd quite like to take my Hunter into the Proving Grounds and see how well I do on her. Considering I class her as my main I'd like to think I'd reach Silver rank relatively easily... but I'm not the best hunter ever!

I then headed for the Timeless Isle and the Celestial Tournament. My guildie was pottering around on the Isle had found a number of crates which included goodies such as 496 ilevel BoA gear. I managed to find one of my own after some searching about. They also contain Timeless Coins which are the currency of the Isle and don't take up bag space - yay!

What I was most interested in was, of course, the Celestial Tournament! Cymre has posted a really good post on the tournament prior to this so I knew roughly what pets to expect. Sadly, my random selection of level 25s was pretty poor when it came to Elementals - useful against Mechanicals. I had the Tiny Twister and Tainted Waveling pets - which distinctly lack in Ele abilities!!! In the end I realised it was enver going to happen and left the scenario. My plan is to work on some other pets on the PTR and then go back to the Tournament and give it a real go.

Now for some more pics of new pets and mounts that I had available to me:

Tiny Green Carp



Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

Corrupted Fire Hawk


  1. Our time on the PTR sounds rather similar :)

    1. Clearly it's the best way to spend your time :)