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Saturday 26 January 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 7

If you were starting over again (maybe on a new server perhaps), how would you start building some capital & what goal would you set yourself?

Whilst I play Alliance 95% of the time, I do have a dark-side and play Horde-side for a change. I would play more Horde-side if my Tauren, Moochew, was on a different server. I want to find a new server for my Horde-characters and I spoke in more depth about this in an earlier post.

For the purporse of this post I will assume I've found a new server and have re-created Moochew (and some other alts) there. So, how would I start making some money?

I'd like to say something like - 'I'd watch the auction house for a few weeks and work out what sells well on this new server and go from there' but that would be lying. I would certainly keep an occasional eye on the AH but I wouldn't do this in any more depth than a quick browse when I'm near one.
"I wonder what sells well here?"
I would definately take a gathering profession on Moochew (or whichever character I leveled first). This would probably be herbalism and then I would take inscription as my second - as everyone needs glyph's. I think I would also condsider having a tailor as people always need bags - including myself. Another profession that I find makes money is engineering (via selling pets/mounts) so I would probably consider a miner/engineer combo aswell - depending on how many characters I take on leveling.

As I mentioned in a previous 20 Days of Gold Making post (Day 2) I've never had a money-based goal. If I were to start again on a new server I think I would try having a goal. However, I wouldn't be too strict about it and would probably be more focused on leveling.

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