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Saturday 5 January 2013

I've Made It To Level 90!

The last few days I have made reaching level 90 my ultimate goal. Pets (both battling & collecting), the farm and alts have all taken a back seat. And finally, last night, I reached my goal.

Along the way I found some pretty cool locations and have taken a load of screenshots (to make up for my recent neglect of these wonderful things). I picked up leveling my hunter in the Townlong Steppes about half way through level 88. For me, Ambermarsh was an amazing part of this zone. I enjoyed the quests but more importantly loved the look of the place - hence I took quite a few screenshots there.

Ambermarsh 1.

Ambermarsh 2.

Ambermarsh 3.

Ambermarsh 4.

Looking into the Dusklight Bridge - ready to cross over into the Dread Wastes.
I really enjoyed questing in the Dread Wastes. Back when MoP first came out and my boyfriend had got his mage to level 90 he let me fly around Pandaria and enjoy the sights. Even then I loved the look of the Dread Wastes. It was so dark, swirly and bluey-purplish. Questing through the zone only made me love it more. I entered via the Dusklight Bridge and earned both the Pandaria Tamer and Continental Tamer achievs almost immediately. I then headed to the starter quest hub.

On the Serpent's Spine.

At the Terrace of Gurthan.

From The Thundering Run looking back onto Klaxxi'vess.


The Heart of Fear.

I got shrunk (Size Anxiety) whilst doing the Fear Takes Root quest on Zan' vess.

After reaching 90 I hearthed back to the Shrine of Seven Stars and learnt to fly (Wisdom of the Four Winds). It was then time to consider rep-grinding. I decided long ago that my first faction rep-grinds would be with The Klaxxi (primarily for the Amber Scorpion mount) and with The Tillers (to unlock the wonders of the farm). I've heard and read a lot about rep-grinds in MoP - most of it being negative. Having only done one-days-worth of dailies I can't really comment but I didn't find them that bad. Repeating tasks isn't something that phases me - particularly not after rep-grinding for the Sha'tari Skyguard! But who knows, my opinion my have changed by next week.

Flying is so much easier for not only getting around but also taking elevated screenshots!


  1. Congratulations on 90! I'm with you about Ambermarsh - that place is fantastic, and a bit unexpected. I haven't found anywhere else like it myself, despite doing a bit of searching in Townlong.

    1. Thanks. Yeah when I first started heading down the path to Ambermarsh I certainly did not expect such an amazing looking place!